Next-Gen update for DOOM Eternal has gone live

Next-Gen update for DOOM Eternal has gone live

Today, Bethesda Softworks has announced the launch of Update 6 for DOOM Eternal. This very important update brings the Next-Gen upgrade to consoles for all owners of DOOM Eternal. The update brings improved visuals, higher performance, Ray-tracing support and 4K at 60FPS plus a new 120 FPS mode. In terms of new content, the update delivers the new Tara Nabad Master Level and the new BATTLEMODE arena to the game.

Taras Nabad, the new Master Level is set in the capital of Argent D’Nur which has been a victim of a huge demonic invasion that made the DOOM Slayer’s legend even bigger. With this level, you’ll return there to show those demons that the first time wasn’t based on luck.

To get a detailed overview of what the update means for each console, you can watch the trailers below.

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