Next solo adventure in Hearthstone coming soon

Next solo adventure in Hearthstone coming soon

In the year of the Dragon, millions of players have tested their grit exploring all the new cards in the latest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, in Blizzard’s hit card game Hearthstone. On the 17th of September, the year-long storyline will continue as the opening chapter of Tombs of Terror will start, free for everyone. As of today, players can pre-purchase the Tombs of Terror Deluxe Adventure Bundle to reap bonus rewards for securing passage on the entire expedition.

Tombs of Terror will follow the events of the previous Solo Adventure, The Dalaran Heist. Players will join the League of Explorers, Hearthstone’s heroic ensemble of archaeologists and race through the cities and ruins of Uldum while defeating unique foes to acquire all-new hero-specific signature treasures. These artifacts will level up the heroes before they face the four deadly Plague Lords who are persistent bosses who must be defeated across multiple runs.

This will also add the first-ever dual-class heroes that will offer players a whole new experience in teambuilding and possibilities. The League of Explorers are fully voice-acted and will feature a customizable loadout comprised of unique Hero Powers and multiple Deck options. The new Solo adventure will start soon so be sure to check it out when it releases.

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