Ni No Kuni getting free DLC in North America

Ni No Kuni getting free DLC in North America

Ni No Kuni is the newest game out of Level-5 studios who previously created the lovable puzzle solving Professor Layton series along with the White Knight Chronicles JRPGs. We enjoyed it so much we gave the game an 8.8 in our review, the game is filled to the brim with content so I think it’s crazy that they are talking about DLC already. The good thing is though that the DLC is free to everyone, if you check the Playstation store on February 12th players in North America will find that they can download the Draggle familiar for free. The Draggle familiar was previously unavailable to those who bought the game in NA but was made available to users in Europe along with the Golden Hurley. While Namco Bandai haven’t said anything on whether the Golden Hurley will make its way over here, everyone will be able to get a Draggle on February 12th regardless of region.

If you want to know more about what the draggle familiar is before February 12th you can find out from its European PSN description.

“This domesticated dragon is a favourite family pet for its downright adorable eyes, this pampered little fellow never has to hunt for itself, but owners should be aware that it can morph into a dragette, and then either a dragamuffin or bedraggle, and that it can use Phantom Fangs or Hot Huff to defend itself.”

Ni No Kuni is available now, exclusively on the PS3.

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