Nintendo Switch release confirmed for Crosscode

Nintendo Switch release confirmed for Crosscode

Radical Fish Games has officially confirmed that CrossCode will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. In 2018 they announced that, when Hedgehags learned to fly, the game would release on the Nintendo Switch. Well, that time has come because they’ve actually learned to fly over the last couple of months!

CrossCode combines the 16-bit SNES graphics style with smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system and engaging puzzle mechanics in a sci-fi story. This game features a story of around 40-80 hours of playtime with a large world to roam around with 7 unique areas and many hidden secrets. You can master up to 100 combat arts and even more passive skills. Solve over 100 quests with unique challenges and many different tasks.

An official release date has not been given. If you’ve missed the Nintendo Direct presentation today, you can watch the announcement trailer below.

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