No Longer Home now available for PC

No Longer Home now available for PC

Today, publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Humble Grove have launched No Longer Home, a  semi-autobiographical game about saying goodbye to a significant stage in life, for Windows and Mac on Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble, and for $14.99 with a special discount during the launch week. The Farewell Edition bundle of the game is also now retailing for $25.00 and includes the base game and both soundtracks. Like the core game, the Farewell Edition is also on sale with a 20% discount for 1 week.

No Longer Home follows Bo and Ao as they graduate from university, preparing to leave the flat they’ve lived in together for a year. Disillusioned by post-educational life and shoved aside by a government that doesn’t want them there, both try to come to terms with their uncertain futures.

The game’s soundtrack, composed by artist and composer Eli Rainsberry of A Monster’s Expedition, Bird Alone, Wilmot’s Warehouse, with contributions from session musician Derek Daley and composer Paws Menu, is now also for sale. This soundtrack and the one for the game’s prequel, Friary Road, will be available for $9.99 and $4.99, respectively.

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