Wartales – Review
Follow Genre: Turn based tactics, RPG
Developer: Shiro Games
Publisher: Shiro Unlimited
Platform: PC
Tested On: PC

Wartales – Review

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Games in which you control a small squad of fighters tend to be beloved thanks to the ability to craft stories around your soldiers. From Fire Emblem to XCOM, most games in this genre appeal to people looking for good tactics with the ability to immerse themselves in a world. Wartales is a game that recently came out of Early Access that attempts to do just that while centering itself around a band of medieval mercenaries. Here is what it has to offer.


The game’s story is not particularly important, it doesn’t have much depth to it. Players will commandeer a troop of mercenaries looking to make a living in a gritty medieval setting. In order to manage it, they’ll have to take up contracts, explore, fight, and in general try to survive. While there are some decisions to be made in certain spots, these are mostly unrelated to each other, simply adding some charm to the world by making it feel more alive.


Wartales’ graphics are pretty decent, consisting of 3D models displayed from an isometric point of view. That said, the lack of variety between designs and the general gloominess of the world don’t do the game a big favor. At least, the game does compensate for this with a bit of flair in its camera design, mainly during close-up shots during critical strikes and the like.


Being set in a medieval world, Wartales’ soundtrack is what could be expected from its setting. You’ll encounter tunes that wouldn’t feel out of place in a bard’s repertoire or a ren fair, while still providing a sense of action. While not particularly unique or special, the soundtrack definitely does its job well enough, with SFX that also accompany it accordingly for an overall good experience.


Often dubbed “medieval XCOM”, this description is mostly adequate if reductive when talking about Wartales. The game focuses on turn-based tactics paired with maintaining your troop’s resources by exploring the world and managing their state. In order to do so, players will move through a relatively open world from point of interest to point of interest at a stamina cost.

This stamina is one of the main resources to be managed, with the troop needing to rest from time to time in order to recover, lest they grow tired and disgruntled. Alongside this, players will also need to keep their companions fed and paid, which is brought up at set intervals. The resource cost of these requirements can also vary depending on the conditions, making it important to always keep some reserves available if you don’t want your allies to desert you.

Out of the activities players may partake in, there are the obvious ones like facing other groups of humans and hunting. However, Wartales also features a slew of minigames like fishing, mining, and general puzzles. These charming little bits of variation add a lot to what would otherwise be constant fighting, which, at times, becomes repetitive.

This combat is dealt with in the usual turn-based tactics fashion, meaning those who have played stuff like Pathfinder will know what to expect. Featuring a turn counter to know who acts when, players will be able to lay overwatches, engage in melee combat, and so on. Characters will also be strengthened and change the way they play depending on their equipment, which can be found or bought. The only issue we had with the combat is that some encounters take a bit too long.

Besides the combat, Wartales has an RPG-ish faction system, where players will be able to choose the directions of their quests with their choices. That said, these decisions are not that deep, although their execution is still entertaining thanks to interesting moral choices.  For example, feeding a group of refugees will raise reputation, while not doing so will allow the group to live for another fight.

With the full release, the game has also added difficulty modes that can be chosen, making enemies scale alongside the player or locking the difficulty to the region. The latter is often recommended for a good reason, since it allows players to feel strong at points, without making the game a constant slog when every enemy is as strong as the last. While the game does thrive in making players choose their own smaller objectives, the ability to know what to expect in an area is certainly welcome.

Alongside this, the full release also added more depth to the camping system, the one used to recover stamina and during downtime. With a slew of different occupations, players will now be able to assign their allies to different jobs, each possibly specializing in things like research or angling. As the game progresses, the campfire will slowly grow and become an actual base full of life.


Wartales is a unique and interesting immersive simulator that will entertain any fan of turn-based tactics while also making their own stories through play. While the game still has a few bugs to iron out, development is still very much ongoing with plans to support and add content, which can also be seen in the recently announced roadmap. Sold for £29.99/$34.99/€34,99, the game is on the expensive side, although it’s definitely worth it for those who go in knowing what to expect.

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Wartales - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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