Nothing introduces Ear (2) the ultimate Hi-Res earphones

Nothing introduces Ear (2) the ultimate Hi-Res earphones

Long gone are the days when the only way to enjoy high-quality audio was through headphones, these last few years there has been a rise in high-quality earphones that give you the same immersion of headphones in the compactness of earphones. In the past, we have covered a few of the newest qualitative earphones like the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS, Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 and the predecessor to the current item in the article, namely the Nothing Ear (stick).

Now with introducing the Ear (2) there are some new things on the horizon. The sound experience while using the iconic transparent Nothing Ear (2) will be authentic thanks to the Hi-Res Audio certificates and LHDC 5.0 technology. Users are also able to create their personal sound profile through the Nothing X-app and this makes Ear (2) adjust the equalizer settings in real time. To make everything sound the part the Ear (2) utilizes 11.6 mm drivers to produce deep and powerful base with crystal clear high tones tied together with a new dual-chamber design for optimal airflow for supreme sound quality.

Another important fact is the long battery life. The Ear (2) is advised to have a 36-hour battery life when charged in the case and thanks to quick charging technology only a ten-minute load will be sufficient for eight hours of playtime. The earphones can also be charged through wireless charging up to 2.5W.

The Nothing Ear (2) will be available on the market starting March 28th.

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