JBL Live Pro 2 TWS – Hardware Review
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JBL Live Pro 2 TWS – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Battery
Bad: Fairly premium price
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Over the last few years, we have been covering a lot of wireless earbuds, ranging from very budget-friendly devices to premium-priced models. There were earbuds for different occasions, as some were better to use while exercising, while others presented a great entertainment experience. Of course, many models are often suitable for a bit of everything. Now, we are taking a closer look at JBL’s Live Pro 2 TWS wireless earbuds. After spending quite some time using these fancy-looking earbuds, we can easily say we were impressed.


The design for the complete package is not that different than other brands, which means you’re getting a fairly compact charging case that serves as protection and as a battery for your wireless earbuds, as well as several cables and different ear-tips. The case has a matte coating and the JBL logo is prominently featured on the lid. Other than that, it has a few LED lights showing the battery level and the status of the earbuds. The earbuds themselves sport a fairly sober look, which makes it so that you can wear them for pretty much every possible activity, be it walking outdoors, watching your favorite shows, or doing some exercising at the gym. The earbuds are finished with both a glossy and a matte coating, where the glossy part will be visible most of the time. We found the overall design to be very classy and clean.


In terms of comfort, these earbuds are very similar to other models on the market. Even so, the Live Pro 2 TWS is a lot less bulky than, for example, Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds, and these earphones come with oval-shaped ear-tips. While this may sound like only a very minor difference, it’s actually a huge difference in terms of comfort. We loved the oval-shaped ear-tips, and it also made sure they remained in place better and it made longer music-listening sessions a lot more pleasant.


The Live Pro 2 TWS is a device that requires no lengthy setup process. Even though we advise you to download the JBL Headphones App, you’ll be able to use and control the wireless earbuds without it. You’ll have to look for a Bluetooth device via your phone, if it isn’t paired already, and in some cases, your phone or tablet might already notify you that you can connect with the device. After that, it’s smooth sailing, and JBL’s device works exactly the same as other products on the market. You’ll be able to pick up calls, skip tracks, and so on, by tapping the sides of the earbuds or by tapping and holding.

A lot of people will not look into the possible ‘support’ apps that are compatible when buying wireless earphones or wireless headsets, and more often than not, we can’t blame the consumer for skipping this. A lot of apps often simply offer the bare necessities that you can also access via the regular phone settings. We assumed that the JBL Headphones App would be no different, but we were gravely mistaken. Not only does the app offer a few equalizers to mess around with, but it also shows more information about your product and you can even determine if your earphones are inserted properly in your ears or if you need to swap the ear-tips. We quite enjoyed working with the app, and it truly allowed us to enjoy our music and media experiences to the fullest.

As expected, the sound quality is superb, and with the different preset equalizer options in the app, you can change the focus for every type of media. If you’d rather focus on heavy bass that’s an option, but you can also opt to make voices pop in the foreground. Heavy bass is properly audible, and the sound is simply crystal clear. The app also allows you to turn on the ANC, making this a very versatile set of wireless earbuds. The earbuds themselves will offer you around 10 hours per charge, with the battery of the case making sure you can get three additional full charges for the earbuds. This means that the total time you get out of these earbuds is around 40 hours before you need to charge the case again.


JBL’s Live Pro 2 TWS is a great audio solution for those who are looking for great wireless earbuds. The device is suited for many different occasions and activities. With 40hrs of battery life (via the case battery), you won’t be hooking up the device constantly to make sure you don’t run out of juice. We loved the oval-shaped ear-tips and even the dedicated app won us over almost instantaneously. While earbuds like these are always an investment, as they don’t come with a budget-friendly price tag, these are certainly worth looking into if you’re looking for some premium-quality earbuds.

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JBL Live Pro 2 TWS - Hardware Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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