Official Evil Knievel app announced

Official Evil Knievel app announced

Today Barnstorm Games announced that their next app for iOS and Android is based on the exploits of the original daredevil hero, namely Evil Knievel. With this app, they will introduce an action-packed motorcycle game that will allow the player to perform crazy stunts and breathtaking jumps at Evil’s most historic jump sites. Additionally, fans will be able to collect iconic outfits (8 classic outfits and 20 special helms) and 11 amazing vehicles, including the 250cc Scrambler and the 750cc Ultimate, and take them for a spin at locations such as Las Vegas, Chicago, Ontario and London.

“Evel Knievel remains a hero to so many that remember his fearless exploits, incredible outfits, crazy vehicles and of course the world wide best selling toys.  We are delighted to have worked closely with Evel’s son, Kelly Knievel, to produce a game that is inspired by Evel’s skill, flair and charisma.  Young fans of motorcycle games should enjoy the fast, dynamic gameplay and will no doubt be amazed at what Evel Knievel attempted, and that he actually piloted a Stratocycle.”, mentioned Simon Jeffrey, CEO of Barnstorm Games.

Kelly Knievel, son of the famous daredevil, completely backs this up by stating that, “This is a terrific action game that will allow Nitro Circus, X-Games and extreme sports enthusiasts to play as the definitive motorcycle hero on mobile for the first time.  Kids and fans from the seventies who reveled in the iconic Evel Knievel outfits and motorcycles can relive that experience again, whilst retracing key achievements from Evel’s incredible history.”

The official Evel Knievel app that will appeal to motorcycle and extreme sport enthusiasts as well as gamers and kids, is set to release on iOS and Android phones and tablets on the 22nd of October.

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