OMG! – Comic Book Review
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OMG! – Comic Book Review

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Fall holidays have just started, and thus it’s time for that struggle again, to keep your kids busy. Luckily, OMG!  could help you out, although girls will probably be more interested than boys. Nonetheless, the boys can have their share in De Durvers. OMG! is a publication which contains three issues of different comic books, each of them with girls taking the lead. We’re in for an overdose of girl power.

Note: We already reviewed albums of Dance Academy and Kathy’s Kat. You can view those reviews by clicking their respective names.


First of all we see the girls of Dance Academy training for their lessons. They do all kinds of dance styles, and in this issue they also try out African dance. After practicing ballet very hard, their teacher has some exciting news: they are invited to go to Saint-Petersburg to perform the famous ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ together with the pupils of the world renowned Mariinsky Theatre.

The story value of this issue is very minimal, as the album only contains short gags. Nonetheless, towards the end the gags do follow up a bit more, revolving around the trip to Russia. The gags are funny enough, but start to bore after a while, as there is not that much variation and they can be quite predictable at times.

The second issue in this omnibus contains another set of gags, namely those of Kathy’s Kat. Just like in the former album of Kathy’s Kat we discussed, this issue has another set of funny gags to present you. There is no real story to these gags, except from the fact that the cat is usually rather too active and acts a bit strange at times. While Kathy loves her cat Sushi, her dad often gets really mad, after Sushi scratched the wallpaper again, or ruined the sofa.

The gags stay funny throughout the entire album an never really bore. Christophe Cazanove did a great job once again to keep being inventive. The illustrations are very ‘in your face’ because of the bold colors  that are used, as well as the fact that there is a lot going on on every page.

In the last issue called Sisters, we meet two sisters Wendy and Marine. Wendy is the oldest, and doesn’t always appreciate her little sister’s cry for attention. She would much rather spend time with her friends or with her boyfriend Max, but she often has to care for her sister. Most of the time they have big quarrels, but when it comes down to it, they can also be very nice to each other and help each other out.

Again, this issue doesn’t contain much story value, but is a compilation of small gags. The gags are quite funny though, which is also complemented by the nice looking illustrations. This issue keeps being rather interesting because the gags aren’t too predictable.

At the end of each issue there are some fun extras. After Dance Academy and Kathy’s Kat there are a few little games such as puzzles, a shadow game or find the differences. At the end of Sisters there is a recipe for ‘fantastic cupcakes’. Let’s hope that, if you try this at home, they will be as fantastic as promised.


OMG! bundles three issues that each provide you with a good dose of humor. There is no real story to any of the issues, but that doesn’t make the jokes less funny. There are some puzzles to be enjoyed at the end of every issue, which is always a nice extra. Also the recipe at the end of Sisters looks promising. This will certainly be a nice pastime for children, for a soft price.

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OMG! - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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