Dance Academy #9 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Funny
Written by: Béka
Illustrations: Crip
Coloring: Maëla Cosson
Publisher: Ballon

Dance Academy #9 – Comic Book Review

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Good: Cute style, Overall fun for a younger audience
Bad: A bit too boy crazy and attention seeking for the younger readers
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Dancing and boys, boys and dancing, boys or dancing or perhaps just dancing or boys? These are the hard choices the girls of the Dance Academy have to make on a daily basis. Is there room for love? Or should they go all out for their dancing careers? Sadly, it seems that the girls in this series tend to forget there’s still a bit more to life than those two questions. Nonetheless, dive into the fairly cute looking life of the dance academy.


Halloween is closing in and the girls, mainly Lucy, Laila and Julia, want to throw a spooky Halloween party, not only for themselves but also to lure in some cute boys. Whilst their party is a success, the dance troupe was not successful in scoring some attractive boys to come and party with them. Nonetheless, the year flows by and the group of talented dancers get offered a chance to go on a tour with their teacher miss Mary, during the summer vacation. Of course small funny situations will soon follow their every (dance) move.

There is one main storyline that runs through this entire ninth album, but most of the pages are actually short gags, creating one big whole. Different topics are offered throughout the issue, but most of them are in the same spirit, namely boys and dancing. Sadly some of the gags are rather predictable and truth be told, even though this series feels as if it is created for a younger audience, the girls sometimes behave like attention whores and kind of superior towards other people. Their boy-craziness also makes the girls a tad less likeable than they could have been. That being said, the overall appeal of the characters remains ‘cute’.

The writing by Béka is pleasant, simplistic and overall has a nice touch to it, except for some scenarios where the girls just look like prissy little bitches, making it lose its sense of youthfulness. Nonetheless, even with certain predictable scenarios, the overall plots is still quite nice.

Crip has a knack of illustrating very cute and likeable characters. Throughout the issue there is a decent detail level to be seen, especially for the style of this series. As the series revolves around the busy activities of the girls, they are accompanied by equally busy backdrops, that only heighten the mood.


Dance Academy #9 is a simple yet satisfying reading experience for a younger audience, albeit with some bad touches that aren’t all that great for children. If you can look past those minor issues, you’ll have a cute album to flip through, with the amusing topic of seeing the girls on their very first tour. If you’re into dancing, you might not want this one to Cha-Cha slide by.

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Rating: 6.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Dance Academy #9 - Comic Book Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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