Online Casino Strategies: Can They Really Help?

Online Casino Strategies: Can They Really Help?

There are numerous guides on the Internet and in book form that speak of online casino strategies and present them repeatedly as if the right strategy would almost automatically lead to profit. It is every casino game always, at least to some extent, a gamble. Even poker, which is now widely regarded as a skill and strategy, still has a significant luck element. Even if outstanding and experienced players can minimize this further and further – it cannot be wholly eradicated.

This inevitably raises the question of whether such online casino strategies actually lead to success or whether they are just a pointless attempt to bypass the luck factor somehow. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

What should you know about casinos online strategies?

  • There are many different strategies for different online casino games.
  • Your opponent can quickly see through your strategy, especially in poker.
  • An online casino strategy can never be a guarantee for profits.

What exactly is meant by online casino strategies?

Online casino strategies are firmly developed procedures to minimize the luck factor in a particular game and increase one’s chances of winning. Such strategies are mostly based on probability calculations and mathematical calculations.

Beginners should first take a look at the individual strategies, simply because you can learn each game well with such techniques. Over time, however, you should be able to play your own game a little bit independently – at least as far as the game of poker is concerned. In other games, such as roulette, a player may find a strategy that works for them in most cases. Since roulette is a pure game of chance, the use of strategy makes sense here. The possibilities are higher than with simple random missions based on gut instinct.

For which games in the online casino are there strategies?

In an online casino, there are different strategies for almost everything. It starts with the strategy on implementing casino bonuses, best offers to online casino slot strategies and game strategies for casino games such as poker, blackjack or roulette.

For example, there is a strategy for table games in blackjack that, depending on the dealer’s starting hand, show a certain way of playing. One should have better chances of winning.

It’s getting more difficult in poker. Since players go to work against players and many strategies, such as those of ABC poker, come with quite clear guidelines, one should, above all, be careful that one’s own strategy is not seen through. For example, if you know the ABC Poker strategy and have recognized that your opponent is playing it, you can beat the strategy player with the right approach with a weaker hand.

In online roulette, there are also different approaches. We want to take a closer look at two of them at this point. The strategies are available for selection here.

  • Martingales
  • Paroli

Below is a brief overview of both strategies.


This strategy places a bet on a simple chance. If the game is lost, the last stake is doubled. If you lose again, the stake is doubled again. This is repeated until a profit has been made.

In principle, if you start betting on one chip, you bet two chips the second time, four chips the third time, chips, etc., the fourth time. The advantage here – with a win, all previous losses from this round would be equalized. However, if there is no profit for a long time, the stake can quickly go up relatively high. There is a risk that the table limit will be reached on the one hand or that the bankroll will be used up at some point on the other.

Also, the profits are comparatively low here. For example, if you only make a profit on the fourth attempt, you have previously placed 1, 2, 4 and 8 chips. So a total of 15. He won 16 – the difference between profit and previous investment is relatively small.


With the Paroli strategy, you try to let the bank’s capital play for you as much as possible. In the beginning, a bet is placed on a simple chance. If there is a profit, the stake and profit remain, so that another profit would be very high.

In the event of a loss, a new bet is placed. The advantage here is, of course, on the one hand, that the money from the casinos itself is used to play – at least in part. The stakes themselves are relatively small, but the winnings achieved can be quite high. Since this strategy is easy on your own wallet, it is also an excellent way for beginners to play roulette without too much risk.

Are such strategies really useful?

Playing by such strategies first and foremost brings a sense of security to those who rely on them. In addition, they naturally follow mathematical approaches and theories from the field of probability theory. The problem with this is that the roulette wheel doesn’t care about probabilities. Where the ball stays at the end, there is and remains pure luck. Players should always keep this in mind.

In blackjack and poker, too, to stick with the other examples given, strategies offer security. They provide the player the opportunity to react to a complicated game situation according to an individual scheme. This is, of course, a real plus.

Ultimately, it must be noted that even with the best strategy, there is no guarantee of a profit. On the other hand, the big advantage is that when you learn and apply a strategy, you can internalize the rules of the game faster and better yourself.

What does responsible gaming look like?

With all considerations as to the extent to which strategies can improve one’s own chances of winning, one must never forget that successful long-term gaming only works if one also plays responsibly.

For example, this includes not going straight back into the ring after higher profits and reinstalling the real money. Setting limits in terms of maximum losses for a day or a whole week is also important. In the worst case, you can completely lose your bankroll within a short time.

Responsible gaming also means sticking to specific times and self-imposed limits. Online gambling can be addicting – responsible gamblers know this and have this risk in mind.

Find your online casino and try your very own strategies!

Anyone who has found the best casino sites for themselves can then start thinking about strategies. Before choosing a strategy, it is important to get to know it exactly and answer whether the respective strategy is right for you. The best thing about online casino strategies – they can always be developed. This is how professional casino players process these strategies in their game but still have the opportunity to optimize individual nuances of the respective strategy according to their own game.

The one hundred percent safe online casino strategies do not exist

Unfortunately, there is no online casino strategy that can guarantee the casino player winnings. However, it is clear that with appropriate casino strategies for individual games, the risk can be reduced a fair bit. However, suppose you rely entirely on online casino strategies. In that case, you can run the risk of significantly reducing your bankroll as part of a streak of bad luck in the worst-case scenario.

For beginners, in particular, strategies offer the possibility of drawing a certain degree of security from automatisms. However, players who have been around for a little longer must find ways and means for themselves how they can continue to develop and optimize their own strategy.

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