Open beta for Men of War II starts today

Open beta for Men of War II starts today

Today, Fulgrum Publishing and Best Way announced that their real-time strategy title Men of War II is now available as an open beta. Jump right into the action with three single-player missions that are also available in co-op to get a feel for the game and warm up for the online PVP or PVE modes. To gain access to this open beta you only have to go to the Steam page and request access to the Playtest to get immediate access to the beta. This open beta will be live until May 15th so why not gather around some friends and play some battles over the weekend?

Men of War II will have players battle on the Eastern and Western Fronts with a wide range of specialized and historically accurate units. Utilize sophisticated military strategies to come on top of your adversary or use brute force to get through their defenses. The real-time battles are enjoyed with new levels of visual and audio excellence with the series trademarked heart-pounding action.

Key features of the Men of War II open beta:

  • Online PVP action in four competitive modes: ‘Assault Zones’, ‘Combat’, ‘Front Line’ and ‘Incursion’
  • Online PVP Competitive Battle Mode in ‘Combined Arms’
  • Take on the computer in the ‘Line Defence’ PVE mode
  • Fight your war through seven maps including Airfield, Bazerville, Borovaya River, Carpathians, The Coast, Farmland, Winter March
  • Single Player/ Co-op Missions: Ambush, Battle of Coisson and Towards Freedom.

Improvements and fixes for the open beta:

  • Improved vehicle physics – heavy vehicles no longer bounce on the roads and move/explode more realistically.
  • The velocity of projectiles has been increased.
  • Units will no longer use all available grenades, ammo, and certain types of ammunition at their discretion during combat without a player’s command. Players can now prevent the AI from changing the type of ammunition simply by right-clicking on the desired type.
  • Units spawning to the map have been improved.
  • The trench-digging system has been improved.
  • It is now possible to zoom out the camera farther.
  • Each tutorial mission can now be played separately, not necessarily in sequence.
  • More UI customization options – added a button to customize the minimap and much more.
  • Added an option in “general settings” to disable/hide icons showing units’ health for better immersion.
  • A separate button for dropping off passengers from vehicles.
  • A Hotkey to activate Direct Control with a third-person view.
  • A “Cancel Order” button to the Hotbar.
  • The Hotbar buttons have been redesigned to appear more similar to previous games in the series.

Men of War II will be available on PC through Steam, Epic Games and other digital stores in 2023 and is currently localized in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

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