Operation Blood Orchid is almost playable

Operation Blood Orchid is almost playable

If you’re into Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, you will probably know that there is a new add-on on the way. Tomorrow, you will be able to dive in Operation Blood Orchid, the Year 2 Season 3 add-on. The Theme Park map is free for all and will be available for everyone while gamers with a Season pass have some extra goodies. They will also have access to three new Operators and unique weapon skins. Don’t worry, people with no pass will be able to obtain them from the 12th of September with Renown or R6 credits. New content isn’t the only thing that will be added. There are also a lot of improvements gameplay wise, like reduced loading times and better stability.

On the new map, you will take up arms against a criminal organisation that has chosen a theme park as base. You will have to go into this fun location to take them out. The three Operators all have their own background, so here is some more info:

  • Ying: She is valuable in several situations and she is representing Hong Kong’s Flying Tiger unit. Her standard equipment are the T-95 LSW and SIX12 shotgun while she also has a non-violent gadget. The Candela is a grenate that releases several flashes and can be thrown or attached to multiple surfaces.
  • Lesion: His strongest asset are his nerves of steel, so he is an expert in dismantling mines. The combination of a SIX12 silenced shotgun and his Gu mines makes him one deadly Operator.
  • Ela: This young recruit is a new member of the Polish military unit called the ‘GROM’. Equipped with a Scorpion EVO 3 A I SMG and a F0-12 shotgun as primary weapons while she also has a RG15 pistol. Mines are her favorite toys as well, especially the sticky Grzmot mines which corrupts the senses of enemies.

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