Cardfight!! Vanguard Malevolent Masques Supply Gift Set

Usually when we feature Cardfight!! Vanguard release articles, they either involve the new release of a set or one of the preconstructed decksets. We have covered the recently released Stand Up Decksets and the Stride Decksets, which were released several months ago. Today we’ll be discussing a new type of product that has been released by Bushiroad, namely the Malevolent Masques Supply Gift Set. This Gift Set turns out to be a big box of goodies.

As the name probably suggests, the Malevolent Masques Supply Gift Set is all about the newly popular Masques-oriented decks. You’ll get a nicely themed box with artwork of some of the more prominent Masques Vanguards, and the sturdy big box will also serve as a proper storage box for your favorite Cardfight!! Vanguard cards. In the box, you’ll find a nice playmat, a set of fighter’s coins, six card dividers, and six going first/going second cards. Last but not least, there will also be two copies of Masque of Hydragrum included as well. The latter is perhaps what it’s all about, as this coveted Order Card is one of the key components of any Masques deck. This card has two functions, namely to either look at the top five cards of your deck in order to find a card with Dragontree or Masques in its name, or it also has the option to activate its effect from the Drop Zone. When opting for the latter, you can choose to ride your current Grade 3 Vanguard without Masques in its name with a Vanguard that has Masques in its name. If your opponent already happens to be Grade 3 upon activating this effect, you may also activate Persona Ride, if you did not already activate it earlier this turn.

All in all, the Gift Set offers a few very nice accessories, as well as two of the key cards of a successful Masques deck. We do hope Bushiroad continues creating original box sets such as this to give all types of players access to harder-to-get cards, giving them a bigger fighting chance in Cardfight!! Vanguard battles. On top of that, it’s always nice to have a themed storage box to protect all your valuable card pulls.

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