Cardfight!! Vanguard Stride Deckset: Messiah

It hasn’t been that long since we took a closer look at Cardfight!! Vanguard’s Stride Deckset: Chronojet, which was a competitive out-of-the-box deck that brought back the Stride mechanics to the Standard format of Cardfight!! Vanguard. You were truly getting a proper bang for your buck when investing in this deck, which proved to be ideal for players who love to go to competitions or those who simply love pre-constructed decks. With the popularity that came with Chronojet’s reappearance in the Standard format, it came as no surprise that another Stride Deckset would be released. That time has now come, and this time it’s Messiah that rears their head in the Standard format. For those unaware of what the Stride mechanic entails, we suggest reading our Chronojet article by clicking here.

Just like the Chronojet Stride Deckset, Messiah’s version also comes in two variations. You’ll have the standard set, which includes a nifty storage box, a full Messiah Deck, and good-looking counter tokens. You’ll also have the Premium version, which includes a fully foiled Messiah deck, a premium box, a deck box, counter tokens, and even a playmat. The Premium set may come at a slightly higher price, but if you are looking to make one of these Stride decks your main deck, then we suggest looking into the cool extras you can get when picking up a Premium version.

The Messiah reintroduces another mechanic in the Standard format, namely the ‘Lock’ mechanic. Locking renders the selected card(s) on either player’s field unusable until the end of the Messiah deck player’s turn. Locking involves putting the affected card(s) face down on their respective Rear-Guard Circle(s). When locked, you cannot call other units to that Rear-Guard Circle, and the locked card cannot move to either the Front or Back Row. Messiah is more focused on Locking units on its own field, as it has Unlock skills that will grant you even more power or other additional effects. Messiah can also lock a card on the opponent’s field, which also gets Unlocked at the end of the turn, but said card immediately goes to that player’s Bind Zone afterwards. This is neatly explained on Messiah’s crest, which is also always visible on the field.

Just like the Chronojet Stride Deckset, the Messiah Stride Deckset is a highly competitive deck, and it will certainly guarantee many toe-to-toe duels against other players. The Lock mechanic has also been toned down, ensuring the game remains very balanced and entertaining for all types of players. This makes the Messiah deck a worthy investment, and with already other new Stride Decksets on the horizon, you’ll be certain to have your pick of the litter.

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