Cardfight!! Vanguard Stride Deckset: Chronojet

Once again, we have some exciting Cardfight!! Vanguard news to share. As we have announced in the previous articles about Booster Pack 08 and Booster Pack 09, Bushiroad is bringing back a lot of fan favorites from other older Cardfight!! Vanguard formats. We have seen the return of Omniscience Regalia, Minerva, Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier, and Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom, and now a new contender has stepped into the arena. Chronojet has received its own Stride Deckset, which means Stride is back, albeit only for Chronoject and Messiah (soon to be released) in the Standard format.

The so-called Stride Deckset is actually a fully functional deck that works perfectly as it is out of the box. For those unfamiliar with the ‘Stride’ mechanic, we’ll try to explain it in a very simple fashion. During your turn, after your Ride Phase, there is the Stride Step. To Stride, you’ll need to discard cards that equal a total grade of 3, if you wish to place a G-Unit on top of your Vanguard in the Vanguard Circle. These so-called G-Units are placed next to the field, similarly to your Ride Deck. Some G-Units have special requirements, so you might need to perform other actions in order to call this G-Unit to the field. You’ll notice that the G-Units have a very high power level, but as you’ll need to discard cards to call them to the field, you will still need to think about your actions. Keep in mind, you can only Stride when both players have a Grade 3 (or higher) Vanguard on the field.

In the Chonojet Stride Deckset you’ll find a full deck, including Triggers, and, of course, G-Units for you to perform your Stride. The deck is mainly focused on high power and even performing an extra attack. We absolutely enjoyed the artwork, and those looking for a bit more ‘bling’, can opt to look into the PREMIUM Stride Deckset for Chronojet. While this version will cost you a bit more, you’ll get amazing-looking foil versions of all the cards in the deck, as well as a playmat and other good-looking extras in the box.

Those thinking that this set is just a ‘fancy’ Starter/Trial deck will be happy to hear that this set also has a competitive edge. You can take on other opponents with fully finished decks and still expect to dive into very exciting card battles. Of course, if you wish to customize your Chronojet deck, that is also possible thanks to the support in the many previous Booster Packs. All in all, this package is a great investment for Cardfight!! Vanguard fans and we can’t wait to see what the Messiah deck has to offer in the near future!

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  1. […] It hasn’t been that long since we took a closer look at Cardfight!! Vanguard’s Stride Deckset: Chronojet, which was a competitive out-of-the-box deck that brought back the Stride mechanics to the Standard format of Cardfight!! Vanguard. You were truly getting a proper bang for your buck when investing in this deck, which proved to be ideal for players who love to go to competitions or those who simply love pre-constructed decks. With the popularity that came with Chronojet’s reappearance in the Standard format, it came as no surprise that another Stride Deckset would be released. That time has now come, and this time it’s Messiah that rears their head in the Standard format. For those unaware of what the Stride mechanic entails, we suggest reading our Chronojet article by clicking here. […]

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