Cardfight!! Vanguard Stand Up Deckset Gramgrace

Not that long ago, we were quite overjoyed with the release of the first two Stride Decksets for the standard format of Cardfight!! Vanguard. The Stride mechanics made a welcome return in the format, and at this point in time, two of the Stride Decksets have been released. We discussed the base Stride mechanics with the release of the Chronojet Deckset, and we further delved into what made Messiah great in the second Deckset. Now, however, Bushiroad released three new interesting Decksets, each revolving around a different vanguard. Keep in mind, these so-called Stand Up Decksets do not revolve around the Stride mechanics and offer a competitive out-of-the-box deck for new and veteran players alike. The first Deckset in the series is Gramgrace, giving Keter Sanctuary enthusiasts a fun new deck to play with.

First thing first, these Stand Up Decksets do not come in different variations, as these were clearly designed with core players in mind, who simply want a good starting deck to play with. Perhaps starting deck isn’t the right term, as the three decks, Gramgrace, Favrneel, and Orfist all pack a proper punch. These decks are ready to play out-of-the-box, and you will be able to go toe-to-toe against other players. The Deckset box also includes a few extra cards to further customize your deck, official sleeves with the Vanguard of the chosen deck on them, as well as a matching deck box. This truly prepares you to immediately start playing and protect your valuable Cardfight!! Vanguard cards.

Sword Saint Knight Dragon, Gramgrace was originally released back in 2022, but the cool-looking Vanguard mainly served as the foundation of a fun deck without actual support. The unique shtick of having the Persona Ride give +10000 Power to the entire field was a fun gimmick, but the Vanguard lacked an official Rideline, as well as a few Gramgrace-specific cards. Later, some support was added, in the form of Promo cards, but everything was spread a bit too thin to easily get a hold of all the necessary cards. Now, with the release of the Stand Up Deckset, Gramgrace finally shows its full potential, and the Deckset also comes with an exclusive card, Knight of Soaring Refinement, Dyfn. Dyfn enhances the power of any Grade 3 center column attacker, and it’s even able to boost its own power when two units in the center column have attacked. Cards like this add a bit more power to the deck, giving it a competitive edge. Another supporting card in the deck is Knight of Soaring Blade, Ffernbael, which allows you to give your Gramgrace Vanguard an additional Drive Check.

We’re off to a good start with the first of the three Stand Up Decksets, as Gramgrace packs a huge punch, especially if you’re able to perform your Persona Ride ability. Stay tuned for future updates on the other two Stand Up Decksets.

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