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Only a few days ago we announced the release of the Gramgrace Stand Up Deckset. We loved the fact that this quirky Keter Sanctuary Vanguard finally got its time in the limelight, and now another unique Vanguard enters the fray. Purgatory Dragon Deity, Favrneel finally rears its head. Favrneer, originally only available as a promo card, didn’t see that much support over the last few months, except for the occasional promo or two. Bushiroad has now decided that it’s finally time to unlock the powers of this Dark States Vanguard.

Just like the Gramgrace Stand Up Deckset, Favrneel gets its own special goodies when buying a Deckset. You’ll be treated to a spiffy-looking deck box, sleeves with Favrneel on it, a sturdy cardboard box for your cards, and a few additional cards to customize the actual deck. There are no different versions of this Stand Up Deckset as there were with the Stride Decksets. You’ll get a competitive out-of-the-box deck to play with, and the extra cards included allow you to customize your deck further. Of course, you can always use support cards from Booster Packs in order to make this Deckset even stronger.

Purgatory Dragon Deity, Favrneel focuses on its unique ability, where you can only play this Vanguard a total of once in your entire deck. If you do not Ride during the turn Favrneel is on your Vanguard Circle, you will gain an additional +1 critical and +10000 Power. This makes this a very powerful Vanguard, and if the sum of all the grades in Favrneel’s Soul is thirteen or more, he will even gain the ability to Stand and attack again. Purgatory Baron, Hrodis has been added as an exclusive card for this Deckset. Hrodis is a strong attacker, but his true power is unlocked when you can play him from Favrneel’s Soul. Upon binding Hrodis and discarding a card, your Favrneel Vanguard will be able to activate the Persona Ride effect, meaning he will get even more power. Squalid Freaks is also a great support card that allows you to add power to your front row when binding the card from Favrneel’s Soul. If the card is also in your Vanguard’s Soul, and you did not ride during your turn, Squalid Freaks will also count as a Grade 4 card.

All in all, this is another very interesting deck for the Stand Up Deckset lineup. Our next article will highlight the cards of the Orfist Stand Up Deckset.

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