Our Machinery announces their new game engine “The Machinery” is now available

Our Machinery announces their new game engine “The Machinery” is now available

Our Machinery, the indie game and entertainment technology development studio, has just announced that their new product, The Machinery, is now live and available for purchase.

The Machinery is a new game engine that uses a completely plugin-based model, offering a wide range of tools and applications to help developers create and build compelling games, interactive experiences, and high-end virtual worlds. All code is written in C, allowing developers to write their own plugins and build completely new applications on top of the API, while also possibly working on real-time collaboration.

Lightweight, hackable and modern, this engine can also easily be adapted for purposes other than gaming, such as architecture and movie previsualization. You can extend, modify or replace existing engine functionality, all with your own plugins. You can do this while the editor or the game is running, since the plugin system supports hot-reloading. All data is stored in a centralized data model, so even your custom game automatically gets support for things like serialization, undo, prototypes, merging, property editors, and copy/paste.

For more information, including pricing, you can visit Our Machinery’s website here, and don’t forget to watch the official release video below.

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