Overwatch Game of the Year edition announced

Overwatch Game of the Year edition announced

Last may, Overwatch released its game of the year edition through Blizzard’s digital store and now, on July 28th, we’re also getting a physical release.

Overwatch is the team-based shooter that’s won over 100 awards and nominations. And with this edition you get all the maps, heroes and game modes you get in the normal game, but with some added benefits.

You will get 10 bonus Overwatch Loot Boxes, an exclusive set of Overwatch Origins skins, Mercy’s wings in Diablo 3, a new pet in World of Warcraft, Tracer as a hero in Heroes of the Storm, in-game portraits in StarCraft II, and lastly a new card back in Hearthstone.

Come and play! The world could always use more heroes.


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