Partnership between Thrustmaster and Ferrari Esports continues



After a successful first year, Thrustmaster will continue to support Ferrari in Esports in 2021 in the second season of the Ferrari Esports Series competition. Thrustmaster has long been a trusted partner of Ferrari in the development of replica racing sim products and it is therefore only logical that after a first season, Thrustmaster is once again the official technical partner in the Esports sector.


The Esports projects of both companies are really promising, as these projects will definitely increase the expertise in the top Esports competitions and envision the new synergy needed to achieve all objectives.

A first season is always different because comparisons are still possible. It becomes even more so special when a pandemic sweeps around the world and messes up the entire agenda. 2021 will be an important milestone for the Ferrari Esports Series and therefore for Thrustmaster. The racing season is going to be even longer and very competitive as the first edition has increased the interest of the best sim racers, and could count on considerable media attention. The challenges, which everyone expects to be even more demanding, are perfectly in line with Thrustmaster’s expectations that Esports will refine its strategy.


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