Pokemon Go: Legendary Giratina Changed Forms

Pokemon Go: Legendary Giratina Changed Forms

Just after one week after returning to Pokemon Go, New Legendary Giratina has modified forms. Thus, until April 29, 2019, you can enjoy the original version of the Renegade Pokemon while playing the popular mobile game.

The same as Palkia and Dialga, Giratina came out for the first time in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond games. But the users could see its original form in Pokemon Platinum. As compared to the Altered Forme, the origin version differs a more serpentine exterior. It is a form that Giratina takes in the Distortion World where it was exiled according to the Pokemon legend.

Despite the form it has, Giratina continue to be a dual Dragon/Ghost Pokemon. It means that you can use the same strategies to fight as you used to apply when the hero first appeared in the game during the Halloween event 2018. What you should take into account concerning this unique combination is that Dragon and Ghost are sensitive to their own types. It means that to fight with it, you should bring along such heroes as Rayquaza, Gendar, and Salamence. But you shouldn’t deny the role of Dark-types. Houndoom and Tyranitar will be effective as well.

In addition to a debut of Giratina Origin Forme, in Pokemon Go, Niantic started a new event. The Bug Out event is held till 1 PM PT/4PM ET on the 9th of April. During this period, a Bug-type hero like Scyther will emerge in the wild more often. Moreover, Incenses will remain twice as long as ordinary. You will also get particular Field Research tasks related to Bug Pokemon from Pokestops.

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The next Community Day of Pokemon Go is appointed for the 13th of April. During the whole month, the featured Pokemon will be the first form of Salamence, Bagon. During the event, it will be easier to find Bagon in the wild. Also, you will get triple the usual amount of XP for catching Pokemon. The developer announced the 2nd annual Earth Day event. In case enough players will take part, Niantic promised to introduce Shiny Diglett to the game as one of the rewards.

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