Poop – Card game Review
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Poop – Card game Review

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It has to be said, we live in a digital world and with smartphones, apps and computers used everywhere, it is only natural that the games are digitalized as well. Luckily, there are some alternatives! Physical games like board games are getting a big revival and this leads us to ‘Poop’. The title might sound a bit stinky, but don’t worry, you won’t need any toilet paper to play this game.



There are different types of card games but ‘Poop’ is something that is similar to ‘Uno’ and is packed like a normal set of cards. The goal of the game is quite simple: you need to poop ‘in’ a toilet and you need to be careful that you don’t clog it. When your poop is all gone (if you don’t have any more cards left), you win.


Let us take a look at the content first. A pack of cards has a set of black cards and three other colours. The black ones are the toilets while the rest is the poop. Every card has a number, but there is a difference between the toilets and the ‘faeces’ of course. The quantity on a black card means the amount of poo it can take and the amount on the other cards is the stack of poop you will dump in the toilet. It would be quite disappointing if there wouldn’t be any wild cards but don’t fret! The coloured ones have got some cards that implies you to make certain activity-related noises like grunts or make you do some fun actions. Next to that, there are some reverse and skip cards as well.


The mechanics are easy to understand, which is a big surplus. The toilet cards are placed in a separate pile and are faced down. Each player gets five poop cards and the rest of the pile is placed on the table as well, as the draw pile. When everyone is ready, a toilet is flipped. The player left of the dealer starts and places one card on the toilet. The circle goes on and when the sum of cards placed on the toilet is equal or higher than the clog quantity, that player has to pick up the poop and a new toilet card is flipped. Clogging the toilet is quite easy, but you can also flush. When three cards of the same colour are placed on the toilet, it gets flushed and it all starts over again.

poop 2

Not every card has numbers though. The reverse, skip and wild cards don’t have any so they’re a great way to dodge picking up poop. Using wild cards has a price though since you need to perform the sound or action on every subsequent turn when you place your card. If you forget to do this and someone else ‘calls’ you, you need to take one card from the draw pile. When the same card is played by someone else, you lose the responsibility and the other player has to do the action(s).


The basic game as described above is real fun to do, but there are some “poop remixes” as well. First of all, there is the ‘Blind pooper and the poop patrol’. In this game version, there is one person that is on poop patrol. He is the only one that can see the clog quantity of the toilet and needs to alert his fellow players when it is clogged. Another remix is the ‘Flusher’s delight’, where you pass your hand on when the toilet is flushed. Thirdly you can play ‘The interceptor’, where you can intercept another player’s turn and get rid of some cards. As a last one, you can follow the rules of the ‘Super pooper’. As you might expect, you need to collect every card of the deck. If these remixes aren’t your thing, you can always find some other ones at the official Poop website.

Next to that, there are also some drinking rules you can apply. For example, one rule is that if a player forgets to perform a wild card action and he is busted, he needs to take two drinks. There is also a game mode for two players (or advanced players) and has different rules. Here, you need to keep track of the overflow water of the toilet. You can only flush when the three cards are the same colour of the overflow, so keep this in mind.


If this wasn’t enough, the developers made two versions: the normal ‘Poop’ and a ‘Party Pooper Edition’. There isn’t that much difference between the two versions though, only the available colours are changed, making it possible to combine two decks to take a bigger dump… with more players.


As you might imagine, playing this game is quite fun. If you’re looking for a small but fun game that you can play with two or more people, ‘Poop’ is something to consider. The mechanics are easy and the setting is somewhat original. It is also great that the developers foresaw some alterations of the game so it doesn’t get boring. You can also combine several decks to make the fun even bigger. This means that you can play with up to 10 players. The quality of the cards are great as well, so you don’t have anything to fear (unless you’re scared to let one rip *wink wink*).

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Rating: 9.3/10 (6 votes cast)
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Poop - Card game Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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