Post-Apocalyptic Cooking Simulator


The world is a desolate barren wasteland. Resources are scarce and danger lurks around every corner. After years of wandering the wastelands looking for your long-lost family, you arrive in an area known as sector 12. Life after the apocalypse is hard, where only the toughest and most resourceful of cooks can survive. You are the only skilled cook in the sector and you will become the main supplier of food for the inhabitants. Bake, cook and fry with interesting end-of-the-world ingredients such as; mutant meat, glowing mushrooms, and many more.

Bring back home to the wastelands with your tasty and nutritious food in Cooking Simulator’s upcoming Shelter DLC!

Key Features:

  • Career mode with an immersive story. Make use of your resourcefulness and uncommon cooking skills to contact your long-lost family.
  • An underground shelter in the middle of a barren wasteland.
  • Post-apocalyptic recipes based on previously unknown ingredients.
  • Hunting for mutant meat and growing glowing mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Sandbox mode.
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