PostNL claims deliveries can be dropped off wherever they want

PostNL claims deliveries can be dropped off wherever they want

As many of you may know, we manage a plethora of different gaming communities, most of which are active in the Benelux. Since the rules for signing packages changed with the global lockdowns, we received more and more complaints about packages being lost, being delivered at random locations, and so on. Many companies are now starting to work with a proper signing system again, but for some reason, companies such as PostNL are performing worse and worse. Over the past few weeks, we have received complaints from many of the Geek Market members if we knew of alternatives or if we had any solutions to actually get some help from the PostNL customer service. We reached out to PostNL for a few clarifications, and they brushed us off, and even made fun of us during our chats with the customer service.

While we weren’t actually planning on covering the issues with PostNL over the last few weeks, we changed our opinion when they brushed off the aggressive behavior of their drivers, dismissed camera footage of purposely damaging packages, and even more absurdly, claimed that a customer pays for a delivery, but it doesn’t really matter where they deliver the package. This is what one of the PostNL customer service people had to tell us:

”You have paid for a delivery. For this, the package travels a long distance. You have not paid extra to have it delivered at your home.”

This was the response for a purchase where a client had chosen to have the package delivered at his home upon a game’s release. Soon clients may find themselves paying for a package, which they have to pick up in the sender’s backyard.

We have reached out to a press representative for this item, but have received no reply.

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