PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller (NSW) – Master Sword Attack – Hardware Review
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Developer: PowerA
Publisher: PowerA
Platform: Switch

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller (NSW) – Master Sword Attack – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Affordable, Decent button feedback
Bad: Triggers, Feels plastic-y
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Consoles like Nintendo’s Switch have an overabundance of third-party controllers flooding the market, making it hard to spot a great controller amidst loads of cheap knockoff devices. This is especially true for controllers that come in flashy colors or those that have cool prints, as the actual quality of the device is often an afterthought for these products. PowerA, however, dedicates itself to creating affordable good-looking third-party controllers, and we were lucky enough to give the Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch a whirl, and for our review, we were given the gorgeous Master Sword Attack model.


The Master Sword Attack controller is gorgeous. Sure, the device looks like a fairly standard wired Switch controller, but the print knocks it out of the park. We loved the contrast of the watercolor paint-like effect on the matte white controller. Even though this is a budget-friendly controller, it looks like a quality piece of hardware thanks to the great print. The controller has very clear markings on the buttons, the D-Pad looks decent and the sticks all have a rubber coating. There are a few buttons on the back as well, which can be programmed for other functions.


PowerA’s Switch controller is extremely light, making it quite comfortable for longer gaming sessions. The light weight does mean that the controller does not support HD rumble. The shape is similar to that of the Pro Controller, with pretty much the same button layout. We did find this model to be a bit plastic-y, which might give the impression that the device is a cheap knockoff. The latter is untrue, however, as the controller is sturdy, and its buttons give satisfying tactile feedback. We did somewhat dislike the triggers due to their less ergonomic shape.


The Master Sword Attack controller is a plug-and-play device, which means you’ll simply have to plug the device into your docking station, and you’ll be ready to dive into your favorite game(s). The 3 m cable will also make sure you don’t need to sit too close to your docking station in order to have comfortable gaming sessions. We didn’t notice any input lag at any given time.

Even though many casual gamers will probably not need extra programmable buttons, it’s always nice when hardware offers more premium features at a budget-friendly price. The Enhanced Wired Controller has two accessible programmable buttons on its back. It’s quite pleasant to have a few extra options when gaming, even though many gamers will probably stick to the base settings and key binds.

Truth be told, there isn’t that much more to say about the controller. It’s highly functional, the button presses register properly, and the overall build quality is decent. The additional functions are a bonus, but will probably not really be used by gamers looking for a budget-friendly controller to play some of their favorite games. It’s just overall a good controller.


All in all, PowerA’s Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is an impressive controller for its current asking price. The device feels solid yet light, but it’s also affordable while looking like a premium controller. Even though the triggers and the somewhat plastic feel made the device feel a bit ‘cheaper’ at times, we were still very impressed by the overall quality and the additional programmable buttons were also a very welcome addition.

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PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller (NSW) - Master Sword Attack - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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