PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch – Master Sword Defense – Accessory Review
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Developer: PowerA
Publisher: PowerA
Platform: Switch

PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch – Master Sword Defense – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Price, Kickstand
Bad: Could have been slightly thicker
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We recently discussed PowerA’s Zelda-themed controller and grip, and now we have another fun accessory to spruce up your Switch gaming setup. This time we’re taking a look at the Slim Case for Nintendo Switch, which is a case that can be used for every Switch model currently available on the market. The PowerA case comes with a snazzy picture adorning the front, and we were quite eager to see if we had found ourselves a new traveling companion.

In all honesty, there’s often not that much to say when it comes to a protective case for Nintendo’s Switch. Most people look for a sturdy case that is able to protect their expensive hardware and typically not a lot more is needed. Some cases do provide some other comfort features, but most third-party products provide the bare minimum that is needed for a good case. The Slim Case does kick it up a notch or two by adding a few interesting features.

The Slim Case is suited for all Switch models, meaning it’s a snug fit for the original Switch and the OLED version. To make sure the Lite remains neatly in place, there’s a foam insert that comes with the case, making sure the Lite doesn’t move around too much. On top of that, there’s a compartment for up to 10 Switch cartridges. This is an added bonus, and it makes it easier to bring along your favorite games, without requiring separate cases for your cartridges. This compartment is also attached to a foldable kickstand, allowing you to set your switch upright against it, creating a makeshift play-stand. This is a nice feature, and it even makes it quite pleasant if you decide to play a multiplayer game on the Switch’s small screen.


All in all, there weren’t any noticeable faults when trying out the Slim Case, except for the fact that it might be a bit slimmer than some other cases on the market. Even so, our hardware was properly protected, we were able to bring several games along on our travels, and we very much enjoyed using the built-in play-stand. For its current asking price, this is a case worth looking into.

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