PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip – Princess Zelda – Accessory Review
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Developer: PowerA
Publisher: PowerA
Platform: Switch

PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip – Princess Zelda – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Comfortable
Bad: Still doesn't change the fact that the Joy-Cons are not pleasant to work with
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Even though the Switch is loved by many gamers, there’s no denying that the Joy-Cons are probably the most horrid controllers out there. The tiny controllers don’t have the most comfortable shape, and they’re not great when you want to play games that require a more traditional controller layout. Nintendo already has a solution for this by adding a Joy-Con grip when buying a Switch console. This grip proved to make things a lot more comfortable, but the standard grip looked bland and still didn’t provide a great alternative for the Pro Controller. PowerA tries to spice things up with colorful designs and some added comfort features.


The Joy-Con Comfort Grip looks a lot like Nintendo’s official Joy-Con Grip when it comes to its general shape. PowerA, however, made the design a bit more ergonomic, meaning it’s a lot more pleasant to hold for longer periods of time. On top of that, the grip comes in a variety of colors with a variety of prints. For our review, we were given the Princess Zelda model, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Other than that, there aren’t that many noticeable features.


As the name implies, this is the Joy-Con Comfort Grip, and thus comfort should play a big part in the experience. For the most part, this is true. The grip is a lot more comfortable than the one you get when buying a Switch, as the shape is a lot more pleasant when it comes to PowerA’s model. The rubberized layer on the handles also makes sure that the experience is a lot more enjoyable. Keep in mind, if you weren’t a fan of Nintendo’s official grip because you don’t like working with the Joy-Cons, then the Comfort Grip will probably not change your mind.


There is not that much to say when it comes to the Joy-Con Comfort Grip. You simply slide in the Joy-Cons, and you’ll be ready to start gaming. The LED indicators in the grip also show the pairing of the controllers (if you’re Player 1, Player 2, and so on). The ‘slide rails’ for your controllers feel sturdy and the Joy-Cons stay neatly in place. You can remove the Joy-Cons by pressing the buttons on their backsides, and that’s about it.


The Joy-Con Comfort Grip is a fun alternative to the rather bland and uncomfortable Joy-Con Grip that comes with your Switch console. Not only can you spruce up the design a bit by picking a fun print, but the more ergonomic shape and the rubberized handles do add quite a bit of extra comfort to the mix. Costing roughly the same as the ones Nintendo is selling themselves, we suggest checking out this one instead.

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