Prey brings out two new game modes

Prey brings out two new game modes

Prey, that came out last year is getting a nice update. Not one, but two completely new modes will be present to the owners of the Deluxe Edition or the upgraded Mooncrash version. It is good to know that the developers want to expand the life cycle of this game with its free update.

Here are the modes listed below.

  • Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer is a cat-and-mouse game where the hunted can turn into inanimate objects, one player is Morgan and must find and kill all the Mimics before the time runs out. (players who know a few games will surely know this mode as Prop Hunt)
  • TranStar VR: is a single player escape room experience in the virtual reality world where you are placed into the shoes of a TranStar employee. This story happens a few days before the events of Prey. The player must solve various puzzles and follow objectives to successfully bring it to a good end. Prey: TranStar VR will be available for both PC and PS VR.

This expansion will be coming into your life starting today for those that own the Deluxe or the Mooncrash version, for those that don’t, can always upgrade to said version or if you don’t own the game you might consider reading our review about Prey here and Mooncrash here and getting the Deluxe Edition.

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