Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Review
Follow Genre: Sports, Simulation
Developer: PES Productions
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, 360, Xbox One
Tested on: Xbox One

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – Review

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Even in 2016 the clash between FIFA and PES still rages on, and even though FIFA has taken the lead in the past quite a few times, it seems that PES has been striking back harder and harder. It might even be true that PES has finally taken the lead in this unarmed football race. We were ready to put our managing skills to the test and do a few laps in order to get back into shape.



Just like in other sports games there is not that much to expect in the story department. Nonetheless, there are several ways you can play PES 2016. You can either play standard matches or existing leagues, with your favorite teams and players going for the gold, or you can dive into the ‘myClub’ mode, which allows you to start your own team from scratch.

The game will then take you by the hand to learn you the ropes of being a manager, whilst still having to play all the matches yourself. This might be a great alternative for those who truly wish to lead their ‘own’ team to victory.


Simulation games are always striving to have a certain sense of realism to them, as it simply adds that much more to the overall experience. When taking a look at older installments of PES, it’s clear that the franchise has come a long way. PES 2016 has very realistic graphics and the movements of all the players look just like you’re watching a real football match.

Even though everything looks great on the Xbox One version we tried, some colors look a tad bland when the camera zooms in on the action. Other than that, the quality is simply superb.



We loved the fact that PES did an effort to provide some upbeat tunes when browsing through the menus or managing screens. This made the experience so much more pleasant and it already gets you in the mood to start playing matches.

Just like in real life, the matches are accompanied by the cheerful crowd and the commentators who comment on every move you make. The comments are relevant and never feel like they’re off, which creates another layer of immersion.


Nothing much has changed over the years and thus Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 still remains a sports simulation game to this day. You’ll be able to do as you please throughout the many different leagues, online matches or the career options you can choose from in the myClub mode. The gameplay will remain pretty much the same but some things may require a bit more management skills than others.

Truth be told, those who are new to this game might find it a big pill to swallow, as it provides the user with a truckload of options. Luckily, modes such as myClub offer decent tutorials for features that do not situate themselves on the grassy fields.


The myClub mode itself offers a great learning experience for those who are new to the genre, or those who want some extra management on the side of their matches. In this mode you’ll be able to create your own club (by using the base of an existing one), set up trainers, attract new players and so on, while striving to become the best team in the world. Whilst this is pretty much the same as the other modes, the management side of things makes it that much more interesting. Add in the fact that you’ll need to level up your players in order to become better and stay on par with your enemies, it makes things that much more exciting. Only one thing is quite bothersome. It seems that Konami has also boarded the ‘microtransactions’ train and thus there is content you can only acquire, if you decide to pay for the ingame currency. That being said, there is enough free content to explore in the myClub mode, which means that most players will not have any issues staying away from the devious ploy to cash in some extra money.

Of course the game offers many different modes, such as the previous iterations also did. You’ll be able to play quick matches, leagues and what not, whether you’d rather play with predetermined teams or take control of your favorite real life players. That being said, these modes pretty much point out themselves but the developers are constantly aiming to implement more and more teams, which allows fans ample teams to choose from.


As stated above, games such as this constantly strive for a more realistic experience with every iteration that hits the shelves. This is also true for the gameplay in PES 2016, as everything truly feels realistic. Whilst the gameplay in this franchise is often a tad slower than in FIFA, it has its merits, as ball control feels pretty much as it would do in real life. You’ll have to take into account when you make your shot, that each of your players has their ‘preferred foot’ to shoot with, and thus you’ll have to approach the goal properly and time everything right. This of course creates a certain level of difficulty, but it feels that much better when you actually have to work for your goal, rather than press the sprint button, kick and constantly win by not getting your hands dirty.

Only one small thing was quite bothersome, namely the time to start up the game is fairly horrible. You’ll always ‘contact’ the servers when the game boots up, but this takes an annoying amount of time and midway the synchronizing you’ll have to confirm the update message, thus you’ll have no option of simply starting up the game, whilst you do something else first. There is no possible way for you to have it up and running if you do not confirm.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 shows what Konami can do when they put their minds to it. The game itself is a great simulation game, with enough options for newcomers and veterans to choose from. The myClub mode offers some extra options for those who wish to do a tad more than simply playing matches and it creates a lot of extra value. Whilst we do not agree that it ‘needed’ microtransactions, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a great sports game. We are curious to see how the 2017 will be able to top this one.


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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