Puzzle game Munin gets a release date

Puzzle game Munin gets a release date

Daedalic Entertainment, well-known for games like Deponia and Memoria, has announced today that their 2D puzzle platformer Munin, made by developer Gojira, will be coming to the market on the 7th and 10th of July.

Munin, one of the loyal messenger ravens of Odin, gets tricked by Loki which causes him to transform into a little human girl. This awful prank has another side effect: Munin’s beautiful feathers have been scattered all across the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. It’s up to you to collect them all so Munin can transform once more into a raven.

Gameplay wise, Munin is a side scroller where players can choose to rotate pieces of the screen so blocked paths become accessible or new passages are created. There will be a lot of elements to keep in mind like liquids, falling stones and boulders while you rotate a specific screen section.

The game will feature a total of 77 levels which would be the equivalent of 7 hours of game time, more than enough to satisfy your puzzle need.

Munin will come out on iOS, Android ($2.99/€2.69) on the 7th of July and on the 10th, PC, Mac and Linux ($9.99/€9.99) will get their hands on the game as well.

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