Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor announced

Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor announced

Today, Spiderweb Software Inc. has announced the release of the second chapter  in their unique Empire-building trilogy, Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor, a fantasy role-playing adventure for PC and iOS.

In Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor, you are a child of the dread Queen of the empire of Haven, but your life of happy luxury has been stripped off you. Your mother is desperately ill and you have been forced to travel to the savage Rokaj, a brutal and poor land of warriors, prone to rebellion. You’ll find yourself in a power struggle between the masters back home and the vicious raiders and assassins of the wilderness.

You’ll explore a vast nation full of forts, cities and dungeons. You’ll need to fight clever in turn-based battles, and deal with misbehaving vassals with bribery, diplomacy or violence. You’ll also build new forts and customize them with upgrades that’ll give your adventurers powerful bonuses.

Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor  will release in the Fall of 2022. The latest trailer for Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor can be watched below this post.

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