Raiders of the broken planet – Documentary update

Raiders of the broken planet – Documentary update

The guys from MercurySteam have had difficulty deciding if the world needs another shooter. (spoiler alert, they decided of course it does!) But they did agree it has to include interesting mechanics, and be as innovative as it can be. Game Designer Joan Amat and Gameplay Programmer Hernan Ojuel luckily have some good ideas to do this, and they will walk us through how to play through the systems they have built for their new game; Raiders of the Broken Planet.

In this episode of the multi-part documentary we also get more detailed information on the main antagonist of the game, who you fight in your quest for the Aleph, the rare resource that allows for interstellar travel. Not only do we get more insight into his story, but also what impact he has on the flow of the game and the overall adventure aspect of the game.

Raiders of the Broken planet also features an asymmetric multiplayer mode, where you can take control of a team of heroes fighting the antagonist, or you can decide to go ahead and completely annihilate the hordes of enemies while you play as the overpowered enemy commanders. Hordes of AI controlled soldiers will also come and help you while in this game mode.

MercurySteam is most known for their extremely successful reboot of the Castlevania series which Konami asked them to do, which has shipped several million games all over the world, and has since become the best selling game in the entire series. They are also working on Metroid Samus Returns for Nintendo 3DS systems which will be available for purchase this coming September.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is currently in closed beta, you can apply at

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