Ranking The Best Horse Racing Videogames Of All Time

Ranking The Best Horse Racing Videogames Of All Time

If you are a horse racing fan and love to experience the Equestrian world with a video game, you probably already know that the horse racing gaming niche isn’t that popular.

Even though the horse racing industry has millions of fans, most of them are older, which means that they are not interested in video games. This is a red flag for developers as they don’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t hold the potential for a big return.

With that said, some horse racing games steaked through the fog and are actually quite fun to play.

So, since we are one month away from the Kentucky Derby 2023, we will highlight some of the best horse racing video games of all time.

Best Horse Racing Games of All Time – Ranked

5. Gallop Racer 2006

Gallop Racer 2006 lets you step into the stirrups and become a real horse racing pro – or at least, as close to it as a video game can get you.

This is one of the first games that included many different aspects of horse racing quite realistically. Players can build their own horse, compete with it professionally, and even place bets!

It is also worth mentioning that this is a simulation game, where players can get the thrill and excitement similar to actual horse riding.

With a variety of modes and realistic mechanics, this game will have you feeling like you’re at the racetrack in no time. Just be prepared for some dated graphics – it might feel like you’re playing on a horse and buggy instead of a PlayStation.

4. Starters Orders 7

If you are a fan of retro graphics, and you don’t really care about the realism in horse races, then Starters Orders 7 is the perfect game for you. As we mentioned before, the main attraction of this game is not the visual appearance, is the overall gameplay.

The reason why Starters Orders 7 is on this list and has gained a lot of popularity since 2018, is because it is one of the few games that have an engaging story that covers many different aspects from breeding to training, to racing.

3. G1 Jockey 4

G1 Jockey 4 takes horse racing to the next level with precise controls and challenging gameplay.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a jockey but didn’t want to deal with the danger or the horses’ bad attitudes, this game is the perfect compromise.

The G1 Jockey 4 game was released around the same time as Gallop Racer, in 2006, and became an instant hit for PlayStation 2 players.

Apart from all the different modes like professional racing, betting, and taking care of your horse, you also have the option to breed horses.

It even has a training mode to help you improve your virtual riding skills. Just don’t expect to be showered with roses when you cross the finish line – the crowds in this game are strictly digital.

2. Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

Unlike the previous two that spark up some nostalgia, here we have a more recent title that has many different improvements.

Phar Lap was introduced in 2019 for almost all consoles, this is one of the first games that focus more heavily on the racing dimensions, rather than other factors like training and breeding.

The game developers focused more on providing the ultimate horse racing experience as realistic as possible with exceptional graphics.

Even though they’ve focused mostly on racing, other factors like breeding, training, and customizing your horse are not completely ignored.

1. Rival Stars Horse Racing

Here we have a game released in 2020, which made a big impact on the industry despite its short life.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game that features every little aspect of horse racing. You can raise your own stable of horses, compete at the most popular courses in the world, earn rewards, level up your horse, and possibly produce a champion.

This is probably one of the most detailed, and aesthetically beautiful games on the market. The only trouble with this game is that the pay-to-win aspect is quite significant, and if you want to make some real progress, you have to invest some real money.

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