Ranking the Top Three Bingo Software Companies.

Online bingo sites attract millions of players every year, who are attracted to the generous jackpots, themed rooms, and social side of online bingo platforms. While every site is unique in design and layout, they are actually built by a handful of tech companies, who are responsible for powering the growth of the online bingo industry. Bingo is huge around the world, with UK bingo companies offering over 50 different websites, and other regions such as the US and Canada set to reach this amount in the near future. Let’s take a look at the top three bingo software companies and understand why they’re so popular.

1.  Dragonfish 

Dragonfish is responsible for creating the software behind some of the most popular UK bingo sites, including 888Ladies, WinkBingo, and CostaBingo. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer to the online industry, the Dragonfish software produces compelling games that are suitable for all players. The developers at Dragonfish regularly update their software and ensure it is industry-leading while providing user-friendly access to all of the latest bingo trends. They’re also appreciated by bingo companies for the incredible variety their software offers, as they provide an extensive range of tie-in themes.

Dragonfish software can be enjoyed by players on PC, tablets, and smartphones, and users can deposit cash in various formats, including debit card, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. Bingo sites with Dragonfish software are consistently high-ranking on Google and receive excellent reviews from their customers. It is for a combination of these reasons that Dragonfish remains the number one choice for many online bingo companies looking for the perfect software solution for their sites.

2.  PlayTech

Bingo giants Mecca and Buzz are both powered by PlayTech software, and the software giants have been behind the most prominent sites in the industry since the very start of the internet bingo boom, starting out back in 1999. Formerly known as Virtue Fusion, PlayTech also supplies the software for many popular sportsbooks and slot games in the online gambling sector. Their software is so attractive in large part due to the excellent deals they offer, and they’re known for their free bingo tickets and bonuses for new players.

Because so many customers utilise PlayTech’s software, there are huge jackpots for players to enjoy and lots of special offers and promotions available throughout the year. As you might expect, PlayTech power a huge range of games and chat rooms, and are great value for both websites and customers alike. If you’ve played bingo online, the chances are you’ve enjoyed PlayTech’s software.

3.  Cozy

While not as high profile as the other software providers already introduced, Cozy powers Lucky Puppy and Becky’s Bingo, among others. Their focus is on innovation and creativity within the industry and provides a number of unique features that keep players entertained. Cozy is a company that is continuously releasing new websites and game catalogues. As a result, they’re a lively brand in the industry that’s worth paying attention to and have developed an excellent reputation in the eight years they’ve been active.

One of the defining features of Cozy software is the no-deposit bonus they offer to new players. These allow you to play bingo for free or earn a bonus of a certain amount without having to deposit any money. The bonuses vary in size from site to site, but most are between £5 and £15. It’s a good idea to use these wherever possible because they allow you to see what features are available without wasting any money. If you’re lucky, you might even win the jackpot, making Cozy an excellent option for people new to online bingo who wish to try out the industry before committing any money.

With so many online bingo sites to choose from, it’s important that customers are aware of the best software providers so they can play bingo on a site that is high-performing and packed with features. The three providers outlined in this post are the very best when it comes to delivering bingo websites that are popular with customers.

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