Read Dead Redemption II Mini Games’ Review

Read Dead Redemption II Mini Games’ Review

Red Dead Redemption II took the world by storm last year with its impressive graphics, rich storyline and incredible controls. Earlier this year, Rockstar released an online version for the game. It’s been struggling to attract the tremendous audience GTA V online has, but it’s a popular game, nonetheless.

If you’ve never played it, RDR2 is a wildly engaging game that will keep you hooked for hours. In this article, though, we review the six famous mini-games you must win to complete the game. We’ve also shared hints of where to play the games and tricks to help you win.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos, so it makes sense Rockstar included it in its list of RDR2 card games. It’s an easy game to play but the RDR2 makes it a tad challenging so that you don’t win on your first try.

What’s more, you can’t skip to your turn. That’s only possible in poker and dominoes. We’ll cover them in a while. With blackjack, available at the saloon in Rhode Island, RDR2 forces you to watch several guys play before you face off the dealer.

The game’s objective is simple. Accrue cards whose value is closest but not greater than 21. And if you have a better hand than the dealer, you win. Rockstar ensures you only win by hitting 21. Otherwise, the dealer will always defeat you.

Completing the game comes with numerous benefits, though. You earn dead eye experience points; one of the best stats to gain in RDR2. If you also complete all other mini-games, Arthur earns a legendary outfit.


As we mentioned above, poker is one of the easy games to play on RDR2. You can play it against your gang from time to time. But you must also visit Saint Denis saloon to play it for the sake of completing the game.

Unlike blackjack, you can rack up a decent amount of cash playing poker in RDR2. That’s because poker involves a great deal of skill to win. If you know when to fold and correctly do it, you could win even if you have weak hands.

Obviously, you don’t want to underestimate your opponents. The AI wins frequently, so play strategically and quit when you have little chances of winning. You could even abandon it for a while and try your luck after a few hours.

Five Finger Fillet

Five- Finger-Fillet is the kind of game you don’t want to try in real life unless you’re truly skilled at it. It can be scary and will regularly cause your body to shriek as you move a sharp knife in between your fingers fast.

Like poker, you can ask your gang to help you practice it in your camp. But after you’re confident enough, you’ll need to visit Strawberry Park to complete the challenge. Being a gambling game, Rockstar let you bet on yourself as you face-off two opponents.

To be sincere, though, the game becomes challenging quite fast. So, if you’re thinking of betting on anything, try blackjack, poker or online slots in real casinos. You could claim free spins no deposit UK 2019 and you won’t have to spend real money on your first game.

But since you must complete five-finger-fillet to unlock better skins for Arthur, practice the game with your gang before taking on real opponents. RDR2 also helps you cheat through a zoom feature that slows down your opponent’s gameplay. That way, you can view which buttons you should press to play without hurting your fingers.


Rockstar sends you to the Saint Denis Park if you want to play dominoes. But for casual gaming, you can call up your gang to play for fun. Either way, the game has similar rules. You try and empty your hand but block your opponent’s hand. That’s because you get awarded the number of points remaining on your competitor’s deck at the end of the game.

In RDR2, dominoes may take you up to 30 minutes to complete. And if you find an experienced opponent, it could take you an hour or longer to finish it. Like most games, the best way to increase the odds of winning dominoes is to practice it frequently. Learn to figure out what games your opponents lack quickly and block their hands so that you win faster.


Depending on how you view RDR2, hunting might or might not be a mini-game to you. It’s a significant part of the game. In fact, Read Redemption is incomplete without hunting. That’s because you must constantly kill small and large wild animals to upgrade levels and earn improved skins.

Because some rifles are locked at the beginning of the game, you must complete specific missions to achieve them. Again, you gain better improves if you complete your missions perfectly. Look out for the varmint rifle as it’s useful for killing nearly all small animals. For larger prey, you may require a specific bow or a more powerful weapon.


After completing a few missions, the game unlocks a fishing rod you can use to help Arthur find fish. There are numerous fishing spots in the map. But find as many of them so that you identify places where it’s easier to prey bigger fish.

Like real-life fishing, fish in RDR2 must be baited using cheese, worms or bread crumbs. You also must tire them out before pulling them out of the water. Otherwise, they could fight back and escape.

To Conclude

Mini-games are a part of what makes RDR2 an incredible game. They ensure you don’t dedicate your entire time to doing the same things. When free, you can play poker with your gang. If you want to top up your wallet, head to the saloon and gamble blackjack.

To ensure you don’t skip the games, RDR2 awards you for completing its mini-games. So, find them and complete them in the early stages of playing the game.

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