Reasons to Use a Dual Monitor Setup

Reasons to Use a Dual Monitor Setup

When the idea of a second monitor is brought up, it’s typically mocked. The idea of having two screens seems to be wasteful when one will suffice for most computer users. However, in some cases, dual monitor setups are more than just helpful – they’re necessary. Here are the reasons why you should use a dual monitor setup today.

Dual Monitor Setup Increase Efficiency

One of the main reasons to use a second monitor alongside your laptop is to increase your level of efficiency. It’s been found that those with dual-monitor setups outpace those who use only one. The reason for this comes from the fact that those using two screens can see more information on-screen at once. This can be helpful as your screen will not have to switch between applications as often, and with less switching, you do the less time you spend getting work done.

Dual Monitor Setup Increase Productivity

One of the greatest investments you can make to increase productivity is buying a vertical monitor. Furthermore, having a vertical monitor allows you to see more at once and is recommended for graphic design, video editing, etc., but they also come with many other benefits. They also give you better ergonomics than traditional landscape displays.

If you like to watch movies or videos while working, then this will likely be the best investment you can make in computer monitors. Dual monitors increase productivity by allowing simple multitasking. By using dual monitors, you can have your word processor on one monitor and research materials open on the other. If you prefer to work with multiple windows, then a dual monitor setup makes this easy to do by giving you extra window space.

Dual Monitors Offer You a New Gaming Experience

If your gaming rig’s life feels dull, then you should consider buying a second monitor. A dual monitor setup transforms your game like never before. With the extra screen space, you can play at higher resolutions and reduce the need for anti-aliasing. Plus, you get an excellent surround view experience.

Increased Accessibility

One of the main reasons people use a dual monitor setup is because it gives them increased accessibility. This means they can have more different windows open but still be able to see each one easily, unlike if you had all the windows placed on one monitor. Even if someone does not have a learning disability, being able to see more information at one time makes it easier to get your work done with fewer distractions. This is why you are able to see more on a website when it is in full-screen mode.


This is a good reason to use a dual monitor setup. While there are many reasons for this technology, such as having two-word processors open at once or using virtual desktops, the best reason is probably the ability to compare files side by side.

As many people work with images nowadays, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where you are trying to decide which image to use for your project. Simply opening the images up on two separate screens can make it much easier to make this decision because you can see both images at the same time. With any luck, this will result in less wasted time and more projects being finished in less time.

If you work at a computer on a daily basis, then you understand the value of having a quiet and free from distraction. If your home or office is cluttered with family or coworkers, then it can be difficult to focus on what you need to do. A dual monitor setup allows for more of a concentration workspace since you can block out the other monitor. This is why many people who use dual monitors place them on opposite sides of their desks.

Unlike if you just have one monitor, having two means you can effortlessly move the second monitor to wherever you want or need it. This makes dual monitors great for presentations when paired with a laptop since you can place the screens in whatever order is necessary.

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