Reasons to Use Residential Proxies

People come across lots of proxy servers, and one of them is a residential proxy. Residential proxies assist people in gaining anonymity online. These proxies allow people to utilize their IP addresses and shield themselves on the web. Commonly, the IP addresses remain linked to a physical location and comprise various-size networks, and this physical location can be a small one, such as a local area, or a big one.

Kinds of residential proxies

There are various kinds of residential proxies, and some of them are:

Dedicated residential proxies – A dedicated residential proxy seems to be ideal when people hunt for optimal security and privacy. Dedicated residential proxies propose dependable connections and high speeds. However, the setup of these proxies is a little complicated, and these proxies seem to be costly, too.

Shared residential proxies – Residential proxies seem to be ideal for people due to their cost. They are considered to be the most inexpensive in the market. Regarding speed, these proxies are pretty decent because of their potent network architecture.

Rotating residential proxies – A rotating proxy works differently compared to other kinds. These proxies rotate IP addresses as they alter them after a specific period randomly. Due to this, they do not become detected easily. As they rotate, they seem to be one of the benign proxies. The flip side of these proxies is they are a little costly.

Mobile residential proxies – Similar to dedicated residential proxies, a mobile residential proxy provides a similar level of security and privacy, and these proxies utilize mobile IP addresses.

Benefits of using residential proxies

People opt to buy residential proxy because of various reasons:

Anonymity and privacy

When people use residential proxies, they can surf the internet utilizing adblocker and remain anonymous. A website can see the proxy server’s IP address only rather than the person’s IP address. This way, companies can’t take benefits of a person’s surfing habits.

Protection from malware

A residential proxy includes malware protection. It scans a site to check whether there are malware or viruses or not. When it detects a website containing malware, it does not allow people to access that particular site. So, residential proxies give people additional coverage when they browse websites that might contain hazardous content or viruses.

Improved security

When you utilize residential proxies, you augment your online security. Hence, you do not become susceptible to malicious threats. A residential proxy is found with some encryption features, which means malicious parties fail to see people’s internet traffic. This proxy hides people’s IP addresses from various kinds of threats and does not allow hackers to access their data.

Limitless bandwidth

When people use a residential proxy, they can download as well as upload files with limitless bandwidth. They aren’t required to bother about going beyond their data limit. Hence, it can be said that residential proxies allow people to surf the internet quickly. Thus, these proxies turn into an excellent choice when people download big files.

Setting up proxies

Using residential proxies, people can browse different websites privately and more securely. This way, their data remains safe. People love to buy residential proxies as they can set up these proxies easily even when they are beginners.

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