Rebel Cops available for pre-order on mobile

Rebel Cops available for pre-order on mobile

The Good, the Bad and the Rebel, this is the motto of Rebel Cops, a new game for the mobile platforms iOS and Android. This game is a spin-off set in the world of “This is the Police” franchise. The developers claim that the game offers 15+ hours of tactical missions and high replay value due to the different feasible approaches to each mission. You can be outgunned and outnumbered and a single bullet can cost your life.

Key Features

  • Hardcore Turn-Based Strategy: There are no hitpoints in Rebel Cops. Once shot, your officers will bleed out unless you act fast to save them. The same goes for the bad guys, so make sure you have the upper hand before engaging in a firefight!
  • Multiple Approaches: Try to finish an entire mission without raising a single alarm or just go in guns blazing. Equip each cop with the gear that fits them best. Make tough choices along the way and live with the consequences.
  • Versatile Maps and Side Missions: Explore more than 15 scenarios, from compact operations to big, open-ended locations. Build up your street cred in Ripton by helping out local residents inside tasks and collect rewards for investigating the levels thoroughly.
  • Take the moral high ground – or not: Will you play by the book or by your own rules? Fight fire with fire and mercilessly wipe out Zuev’s syndicate or try to be a good rebel cop and arrest suspects without shedding an ounce of blood. It’s your decision, but remember that your reputation will affect morale and even your merchant’s prices.

Rebels Cops can be pre-ordered for $7.99/ €7.99/ £6.99 and there will be no loot boxes, gamble mechanics, microtransactions or ads.

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