Red Bull Racers – New Content Update

Red Bull Racers – New Content Update

The free racing game from the well known drink Red Bull, has just received a large update to its content. The game adds three winter-tested motors and seven new tracks and challenges.

There are a total of 36 new challenges that require a set amount of skill from the players before being able to complete them. The three new vehicles are made with the new snowy tracks in mind. The first one is the KTM X-Bow has an enormous amount of horsepower, making you haveĀ  a good advantage right from the get go. The second new vehicle is the Peugoet 2008 DKR and a real snowmobile offer a lot of action as off-roaders.

Aside from the new tracks and the new vehicles, the multiplayer mode has been optimized further, allowing friends to directly challenge each other from the career mode.

The game features:

– 5 different racing series

– 4 Single-player modes like Cup, Rivals, Endurance and Elimination

– 3 difficulty levels

– 1 multiplayer mode where 27 friends can rival each other

– A total of 15 cars and 3 motorcycles

– Over 130 events on 42 different courses with new courses coming in newer updates

– 51 achievements to unlock

– Friends Challenge mode

– Global and local events and leaderboards

– Music performed by the indie band Awolnation and New Beat Fund

The game is developed by Bongfish and is free for download .on the App Store and Google Play

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