Red Dead Redemption 2 Gambler Challenges: Complete guide

Challenges for players in this popular computer game involve significant risks. It is ideal for adventure lovers. It is about much more than risking your gambling bets. In Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), your character is risking himself. To pass the tests, you have to work your head. Our task is to help you pass all the tests in a specific sequence.

How to complete the challenges of the gambler without breaking the storyline?

The player can complete all the tests one after another, but in this case the game will become more boring, since any mission will certainly be missed. Therefore, the manual recommends a different order of passage to make RDR2 really interesting.

  1. RDR2 gambler challenge 1: it is better to pass it after passing Chapter # 2 “Who is not without sin”.
  2. Gambler challenge 2: after the start of the third Chapter, it is better to go to Rhodes and make the Saloon pass.
  3. Gambler challenge 3: after completing 1-2 missions, take the train to Annesberg. It is then recommended to drive south to Van Horn, from which you can reach wherever you want using stagecoach.
  4. Gambler challenges 4-5 are best done immediately after Chapter 4 begins.
  5. Gambler challenges 8-10 are challenges that you complete at the very end if you are going to beat the game completely.

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Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 1: Win 5 Hands of Poker

The best mission to do this would be “Who is not without sin.” But you can choose any period of time that falls on the beginning of the second Chapter.

Travel to Flatneck southwest of Valentine. There you need to place a $ 2.5 bet when playing poker. You don’t have to win all the hands – 5 hands are enough. Your winnings will be based on a pair of starting cards. See the fourth gambler challenge for details. The table for this challenge makes the task easier in all situations where poker is involved.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 2: doubling your blackjack bet and winning five times

You can pass the test already in the second Chapter, but it is better to wait for the third. The next opportunity for such a game awaits you in Rhodes when you visit the hotel. According to the game plot, you will be there in the third Chapter. However, you can complete the challenge already in the previous chapter to make the game more interesting. The hotel can be reached by train from Valentine. But to do it or not is entirely up to you.

If you get 21 or more, you win the hand. This is a game against the casino, not against other gamblers. If you don’t place big bets, you will win at least 5 times quickly without damaging your gaming wallet.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 3: winning three rounds of the Five Finger Fillet

You can get through this gambler challenge in Chapter 2 of RDR2. When will you have completed the mission “Blessed are the Meek?” There is also an opportunity for passing the test in the third Chapter. Better to choose a new location for all three rounds. This can be done at one of the following points:

  • Strawberry;
  • Valentine;
  • Van Horn.

In round 1, the number of buttons is always two. The challenge is to overcome in 20 seconds, at least than your competitor. The move ends with the Left Trigger / L2 option activated. Rounds include three moves each; to win, it is enough to win by points 2 times. Leave table just before the second round.

Then take the stagecoach to Strawberry, reopening the city, and win one of the rounds there.

If Van Horn is not yet available to you, spend time completing various missions. Then enter Van Horn and win the third round.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 4: beat someone at poker in every town

This is done right after the third gambler challenge. Your opponent must forfeit all of his money in the distribution. All-in is ideal for this, but the hand must be good for this. Much depends on which two starting cards you have. The table below will help you choose the variant of the game that will increase your chance of winning.

Two red cards are added and the bumper located on the right is activated. This is how the cards move. A pair of yellows is played before the increase in the bet by one of the other players. Blue has more chance of knocking out an opponent, but avoid all-in until the other 5 cards are known. If your opponent is confident in his hand, he will decide to go all-in, and this will be your victory. However, this rarely happens, and inevitably you have to lose several times in each settlement until luck smiles on you.

In each locality, the same players are preserved, only the buy-in changes. Checking against the table below increases the likelihood of your victory.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 5: winning three rounds of dominoes against two (or fewer) opponents without tails

This is done right after the fourth gambler challenge. Better open Dominoes at Emerald Ranch, which is easiest since there are no concidences (5, 3, etc.). Pressing and holding Y (triangle) allows you to bet $ 1 and enter the game. Remember that there should be no more than two players against you, otherwise nothing will work.

To complete the challenge, you only need to win 3 rounds. And it is not necessary to win all three in a row. Since domino is a rather boring game, it is recommended to take a break after each round and switch to other missions. The player’s progress in completing the RDR2 gambler challenge is preserved.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 6: beating the blackjack dealer in each of the locations

You can only pass this test after the fifth gambler challenge. There are only 2 locations for this test – Van Horn and Rhodes. The game is played in each of the locations until the first win from the dealer. You only need to win one hand in each settlement. Use the stagecoach to move between locations. That it is desirable to stop at 17 or more, and the aces give 1/11 points. This RDR2 gambler challenge is one of the easiest.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 7: victory in the Five Finger Fillet Player over one of the characters in each settlement

This gambler challenge, following challenge # 6, is exactly the same as the third challenge. First, you will need to defeat the first opponent using two buttons. Then you should go by stagecoach to one of the remaining two settlements. You will have to pass the test in the already familiar Valentine, Van Horn and Strawberry.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 8: winning three hands in blackjack with three or more hits

This RDR2 gambler challenge can be completed at any time, but preferably at the end of the game. This is one of the most difficult tests, taking hours or even days. It is recommended to be at the farthest right end of the table in order to place a bet before everyone else. Bid sizes should be kept small.

When passing this test, it remains either to hope for luck or to be patient. And it’s better to do something else (for example, look at your smartphone) so that the expectation of success is not too boring.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 9: winning three games of dominoes in a row

You can take this challenge whenever you want, but you are really ready to go for it. This is another test of the perseverance with which RDR2 abounds. There is no definite strategy here and cannot be. Just try again and again and wait for your luck. After one of the winnings, you can leave the game for a while, and your progress will not be reset. This is the only thing that does not let you die of boredom while passing the test. Be distracted from time to time, do not be nervous, and sooner or later you will break out of this nightmare.

As for the locations, they are absolutely the same as for most of the tests mentioned above. You can choose between Valentine, Van Horn and Strawberry by playing dominoes in one of these towns.

Follow the few recommendations given above. Then maybe you will be lucky with this test, and it will not take too much of your time.

Rdr2 Gambler Challenge 10: winning three hands in a row in poker

It is possible to complete this stage only after the end of the test number 9. Unless, of course, after that you still have the desire to undergo any tests in RDR2. In fairness, I must say that compared to the previous test, this is not perceived so hard. One of the features designed to make the game easier for you is the ability to activate the R1 bumper located on the right. It provides an opportunity to skip the distribution if the player does not like it in some way.

The peculiarity of this test is that the table used in a similar test No. 4 is, in most cases, useless here. After all, you cannot hope to win three times if you fold. It is better to use the table only up to the first combination that turns out to be winning. We can only hope for future winnings. Bluffing in this game is recommended, although opponents can call this strategy of yours. Well, good luck!

After the first win, just continue until you get it right. However, you can interrupt for a while, since your progress will not go anywhere.

The choice of locations here is the same as in most of the previous tasks. It is convenient to move between settlements using a stagecoach.

Above, the possibilities of passing ten tests were considered and some recommendations were given to the players. Hopefully this information will be useful for fans in RDR2. Good game!


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