Reventure Leaves Early Access on Steam on June 4

Reventure Leaves Early Access on Steam on June 4

Reventure is a ‘choose your own adventure’ book in the shape of a 2D platformer. To start like a cliché, the game begins with the typical hero having to save a princess in danger. But not to worry, things quickly get more complicated and before you know it, this is not your stand hero-princess game.

The gameplay takes place in short-lived runs. Having a certain goal, the game will try to prevent you from reaching this by throwing buttons, traps, enemies and more at you. This will create various new situations, and you’ll have to face difficult choices!

What starts out as exploring, quickly turns into trying to create a complete experience, meaning you want to see every ending possible. As you approach the late game it transforms once again, this time into a puzzle platformer where you have to carefully plan your journey in order to discover the more exotic things.


  • Reventure will leave Early Access with 100% positive reviews from more than 100 reviewers
  • It features a dynamic story system in a ‘groundhog day’ fashion, but with persistent effects
  • A Twitch integration enables users on a steamer’s chat to take control of the hero’s dialogs
  • The world stays almost the same, being the player the one that changes after every run
  • If a character dies, it is for good. A new character will take over and the story will progress
  • The original soundtrack features more than 15 original themes
  • Under that innocent, pixelated look hides an indie beast with more than 10 hours of content

Player reviews

“Great game. Think Stanley’s Parable and Undertale meets side-scrolling adventure. This game will make you smile while you’re playint it, more than once. Cheeky sense of humor.”

“… I was expecting a  ‘silly’ game, just a funny parody. But, the game is so much more than that: it has its own identity, not only is the the great sense of humor, but also the excellent mechanics and gameplay. You can notice how everything is done with a lot of thought and care…”

“I had a blast exploring and figuring out this game, as of now I’ve only got a little over half the endings. There’s still so much to do! If you like exploring and laughs, you can’t go wrong here.”

“I’ve barely scratched the surface on this hidden gem, and every ‘ending’ I’ve seen put a smile on my face. Don’t let the visuals and controls fool you, it’s impressive how much thought was put into this game, HIGHLY recommend!!!!”

“Don’t be fooled by this game. Externally is dressed as a parody but at his core is a choose your own adventure game with a lot of well writeen humor. When you start uncovering the myriad of diferent endings that the developers has hidden in the game you see the incredible amount of work and love that have been put into it. The game encourages you to experiment and try different approaches to uncover his secrets, giving you that aha! moment followed by a laugh when you see the results.”

Additional info
  • The original concept was originated from a Ludum Dare game jam, where it scored 3rd place.
  • It’s the first commercial game of the Spanish indie studio Pixelatto.
  • The developers are inside the game. You can kill them if you don’t like something.
  • The game was originally named “Lonk’s Adventure” but was changed to avoid possible legal issues and in response to players feedback.
  • A 20% discount will be available during the first week.

Get excited and watch the trailer below!


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