RIDE 3 trailer showcasing the new Livery Editor released

RIDE 3 trailer showcasing the new Livery Editor released

A new RIDE 3 trailer has been released by Milestone today. Dubbed as the “RIDE 3 Extreme Customization” trailer, the new trailer showcases the brand-new Livery Editor, a powerful tool with which players can adjust and adapt the looks of their motorbikes. The possibilities are endless, and if you spend enough time in the editor you will have created a unique style which you can claim as your own or share with friends.

The addition of the Livery Editor is a stepping-stone to an already huge customization aspect in RIDE 3, aside from the 500+ mechanical and esthetical parts that you can modify to alter the bikes’ behavior on the tracks. The available tools open the way for creative freedom in the game, race fans have access to many official brands and other stickers to create their own realistic racing bike whilst the more creative souls have the ability to produce art in its finest form.

As mentioned before, each liveries can be shared so that friends and community members can use the artwork you’ve created to gain extra experience points and in-game credits. The game utilizes a filter system so that players can easily navigate between the available liveries. Check out the trailer below to see the Livery Editor.

Aside from the trailer, we have another update on RIDE 3, namely the announcement of the RIDE 3 Special Editions, both in physical as in digital form available from November 30th.  There will be two physical editions: the standard edition which includes the game and the special edition which includes the game, the season pass and an exclusive Ducati Panigale V4 steelbook. The two digital editions are the standard edition and the gold edition which includes the game, the season pass, a Sport Bikes Pack which includes 4 bikes, 10 events and 3 trophies/achievements, a BMW R 1200 GS Pack which includes the iconic motorbike, 5 events and another 3 trophies/achievements, and at last a Credits Multiplier with which credits can be doubled after each event in a game mode you’ve chosen.

Pre-ordering the digital editions is available as of today. The digital standard edition will include the game and the Sport Bikes Pack. The gold edition comes with the earlier mentioned packs as well as a dynamic theme of the Ducati Panigale V4 (only available for PS4) and 3 days earlier access to the game’s content.

The RIDE 3 season pass includes 12 premium DLC’s with 120 extra events, 36 trophies/achievements and 60 motorbikes including the exclusive Mr. Martini Supercustom and many other iconic models of various brands. All of this adds more than 12 hours of gameplay. If you don’t want to buy the season pass right away, you’ll be excused as free content after release has already been revealed. The free content includes 12 DLC’s with 12 motorbikes and 60 extra events, adding another 6 hours of gameplay.

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