‘Romance’ central in February events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

‘Romance’ central in February events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This month, Romance will have the center of attention in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. All the events that will take place this month will have something to do with love, lost love, romance and so on.

This month, the following events will take place:

  • The ‘Darkest of Times Brilliant Event, part 2’: 4-11 February
    • Make a tribute to Dumbledore by bringing Foundables back that represent memories of his fight against Voldemort.
  • Harry Potter Book Night 2020: 5-7 February
    • The Harry Potter Book Night is all about the Triwizard Tournament. Celebrate it by completing assignments and gathering dragon eggs and special Foundables like the Goblet of Fire and more.
  • The ‘Crazy in Love Event’: 11-13 February
    • Resist the advances of oddities in love with bonus healing potions.
  • The ‘Lost Love Brilliant Event, part 1’: 13-20 February
    • Help protect cherished memories to loved persons from the world of Wizards by finding brilliant Foundables like Minerva McGonagall.
  • Community Day February: 23 February
    • Take on oddities like Doxy’s and leprechauns by using bonuses from research potions.
  • The ‘Lost Love Brilliant Event, part 2’: 25 February – 3 March
    • Bring memories of tragic love back with brilliant Foundables like Severus Snape and the Mirror of Erised.

To learn more about these events, you can check out the latest blogposts from WB Games and Niantic by clicking here.

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