RTK14 Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack

RTK14 Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack

Great news for fans of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV game, there is a new expansion pack that adds strategic layers to the game with new missions and officer characteristics. This DLC adds four new scenarios and an Event Editor. In the new scenarios, the player is tasked to unify China in different time zones.

In addition to the new missions, you will be able to alter the gameplay thanks to Officer Characteristics. This will make each commanding officer play and feel more unique, some of them have really helpful ones like Plunderer that grabs extra gold and supplies when defeating an enemy and Adamant that greatly decreases attack damage from enemy buildings.

The DLC will be released digitally on February 11th, 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and PC, while on the same day the game will be ported to the Switch.

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