Rulers of China now available for the Civilization VI: Leader Pass

Rulers of China now available for the Civilization VI: Leader Pass

Civilization VI: Leader Pass is a new type of season pass that will bring a total of 18 new playable leaders through six different DLC packs up to and including March 2023. The newest additions through DLC are the Rulers of China, bringing three tough and smart leaders with different abilities to the game. As is the custom in Civ games, each leader has their own background story as well. The three big rulers are called Yongle, Wu Zetian, and Qin Shi Huang the Unifier. Yongle is mainly known for being a humble emperor who got many tributes, thriving on civilizations with a positive income. With his skill cities will turn production projects into valuable resources, and cities with enough civilians are giving the player a bonus each turn.

Wu Zetian is the only woman who was ever on the Chinese throne and brought many changes to China while holding off her enemies with a secret police force. This translates to the game as all spies operating on 1 level higher, getting 25% of Culture and Science from a city spied on when the spy was successful. You also get a free spy when you discover Defensive Tactics.

Qin Shi Huang the Unifier has been very important for China as he gave China the standard for measuring sizes and weights. The Chinese writing became uniform and there was a new imperial coin. Most people, however, will know him from the terracotta army that amazed archeologists. This leader’s skill is the Convert Barbarians skill, transforming Barbarian Units into your own units.

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