Sandberg Tyrant Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Tyrant Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Price
Bad: Tight grip, No special features
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Recently we stated that Sandberg added two more gaming headsets to their eSports line of products. We took a look at the Dizruptor, which was a budget-class headset, with a minimum of features, but a great design, a sturdy frame, and an over-ear design, which is sometimes sought after by gamers. Now we are taking a look at the slightly cheaper Tyrant version, which at first glance offers much of the same as the Dizruptor, but we’ll discuss this further below.




As stated above, we are treated to a nearly identical device as the Dizruptor, albeit with fewer whistles and bells. You’ll once again see a headset with a bulk-ish design, that sports big ear-cups and an over-ear design. The headband is also suspended, and there’s a metal framing keeping everything together. The Sandberg brand name and logo is lit up with the LEDs on the exterior of the ear-cups, and the end of the microphone extension is also lit up with a red LED. There is nothing overly special to the design, but thanks to the metal frame and the LEDs embedded in the device, things look qualitative and a lot more expensive than the product’s asking price.


As the Tyrant sports nearly the same design as the Dizruptor, we can say that the headset feels the same for the most part. The over-ear design makes it so your ears aren’t squished during gaming, and the headband is still very soft and pleasant to work with. We did notice, however, that this version was a lot tighter around our head. It felt like the grip was a bit too much, but we’re not sure if it’s typical for this design, or if it was just the model we received. In terms of comfort, we felt the Dizruptor was slightly more pleasant, especially considering the very low difference in its asking price.

Like its slightly more expensive brother, the Tyrant also comes with an omni-directional microphone, which is easy to work with. It’s lengthy enough, so you never have the feeling you’re speaking into thin air.


  • 2 meters nylon braided cable
  • Volume controls on left ear-cup
  • Omni-directional microphone
  • Multicolor LED lights
  • 50mm Drivers


The Tyrant is a USB plug and play device that requires no additional software. You’ll be good to go in a matter of seconds. Outside of the dial on the left ear-cup to regulate the volume, there are no special features for this device. Like the Dizruptor, we would have loved a button to mute the microphone or a small control box to control the bass settings and so on. Nonetheless, we once again stress that this is a very cheap 7.1 headset, and we understand the lack of extra features to keep the headset in a very affordable range.


Sandberg’s Tyrant is pretty much the same device as the Dizruptor, albeit with a bit less of the Dizruptor’s whistles and bells. We also had the feeling this one was a bit tighter in terms of gripping your head. If you love to have a bit more flair, we recommend paying a little more for the Dizruptor, but if you like something a bit more temperate, we suggest checking out this model. For the price of both devices, you can’t go wrong.

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Sandberg Tyrant Headset 7.1 – Hardware Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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