Sandberg Xterminator Mouse – Hardware Review
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Developer: Sandberg
Publisher: Sandberg
Platform: PC

Sandberg Xterminator Mouse – Hardware Review

Good: Price, Quality, Sturdy, dpi
Bad: The LED strip may look a bit cheaper to some
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Sandberg has treated us to some very varied items over the years, clearly showing their company is a jack-of-all-trades, and a good one at that. When it comes to their eSports equipment, we have been sitting on the front row and not much has gone by us without us having the chance to try out the novelties that Sandberg is currently producing. We have taken a look at their first gaming mouse attempt, the Blast Mouse, which was quirky yet very decent but it came at a somewhat higher price, albeit still a moderate one. After that they created the wireless Sniper and the fancy looking Eliminator, which were both great gaming devices for a very low price. Now Sandberg has released the Xterminator, which comes at a midrange price in their portfolio, but it seems to have all the options of a high end device. We were rather curious to see how this one would exterminate the competition.



It’s clear that Sandberg has stepped away from the design of the Blast Mouse and is trying to focus on making more classy items, which could easily look like a snazzy piece of hardware even suitable for the office. The Xterminator looks like a fairly standardized mouse, albeit with a few original and lovely looking extras. The side panels of the mouse are done in a cracked type of leather, making the device seem a lot more expensive than it is, and it adds something not commonly done on gaming apparel. There’s a led strip that runs around the entire body, starting from the left mouse button, going all the way to the back, to end at the right mouse button. This LED strip might look a bit cheaper than a light that fades through the body, as is the case with the translucent Sandberg logo, but it looks very appealing and it adds another original touch to the mouse. Other features include a shape molded for right handed gamers, the buttons on the left side, dpi buttons on top and an illuminated (fairly dim) mouse wheel.


You will not notice a very big difference compared to many standardized gaming mice, as the Sandberg follows the same curved shape and utilizes the same soft coating that’s used on the plastic. Thanks to this, the mouse feels rather soft and pleasant in your hand, but fingerprints will show easily on the mouse, especially when you have greasy fingers. Other than that, the buttons are easily reachable, even for gamers with smaller hands, and the leather side panels are pleasant to touch. The base of the mouse itself may be a bit wider than some other models, but again, gamers with smaller hands should experience no issues when handling this device.

Sandberg Xterminator Mouse


  • 200 to 10000 dpi
  • 8 meters braided cable
  • Built-in heavy iron plate
  • Weight: 140 g


As is common nowadays, the Xterminator is a plug and play device that comes with predefined profiles, ready for you to mess around with. Keep in mind, if you truly want to edit the settings, you’ll have to install the software, which conveniently comes with the device itself. The software will be installed in a matter of seconds and you’re good to go to start editing the dpi profiles, the sensitivity settings and even the LED colors. You can even dive in the intricate world of programming macros if that’s what you’re into. Nonetheless, this device offers the same comfort and features as a pricey model, as it allows a lot of customization options. You can set the dpi from everywhere between 200 dpi and 10000, making this an ideal device for any sort of gamer, be it fans of FPS games or strategy titles that require a lot more management and map overview.

The device comes with a braided cable, which is always a plus for a very affordable device. The cable is more than long enough with its 1.8 meters, and  the mouse itself only weighs around 140 grams, which is light given that it has a metal plate inside it for sturdiness.

Sandberg Xterminator Mouse 2


Sandberg’s Xterminator Mouse might come with a cheesy name, it comes with a lot of features, comfort and a fun looking design for a midrange price, making it accessible for many gamers around the globe. If you’re looking for an affordable device, that has the customization options of a high-end mouse, with a big dpi range, then this one will certainly float your boat.

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Sandberg Xterminator Mouse - Hardware Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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