Season 2 announced for Chernobylite

Season 2 announced for Chernobylite

Today, Farm 51 and All in! Games have invited all players to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone to take part in the next season of Chernobylite called Red Trees. Season 2 will allow players to discover more secrets about the game’s dark setting, learn previously unknown facts about the meltdown, and introduce some new game modes.

The largest content drop in this new season introduces a new VR set in Igor’s base. You will be able to play a game inside a game, that introduces a new roguelike-inspired mode: VR Games. In these games, Igor will traverse arenas of a fractal world with randomly generated enemies, weapons, and skills. When you die, you will return to the main game and you will keep the earned experience points! Random companions can join you at any moment and the relations built up with characters will also be transferred to the main story of Chernobylite as well.

Season 2 also introduces the Ghost of the Past expansion that sees Tatyana manifesting in Igor’s dreams. This will set you on a journey to iconic locations in the Zone. You will learn more about the past and the truth about what happened in Chernobyl by reading notes from former inhabitants and listening to the narration of the protagonist’s loved one.

Check out the Chernobylite Season 2: Red Trees trailer below:

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